Culinary Dictionary

by Dr. Chef Soundar

Dr. Chef P Soundararajan, (Corporate Executive Chef) handcrafted this Culinary Dictionary with his profound knowledge and 32 years of professional experience as a chef. He gives a brief and unique definition for every word here.
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A Scottish specialty, the Abroath or Aberdeen smokies are small haddocks split, gutted, closed again and smoked whole with the back bone intact. The cooking time for a smokie is usually about 30 - 40 minutes Golden brown and headless, the flesh is creamy with a savoury flavour. Smokies are best eaten straight off the barrel however they may also be buttered outside and inside and lightly grilled or warmed in the oven. Smokies can be refrigerated for upto 7 days or frozen for upto 3 months if packed and stored properly.
CA MARCHTo let the chefs' know that an order is to follow.
CABBAGEcomes from the French word caboche, a colloquial term for head. The most common cabbage is the tight leafed compact head that ranges in colour from white to red although there are many other types of cabbage varying in size in shape worth trying.
CABERNET-SAUVIGNONA superior red wine made from small, thin-skinned black grapes cultivated in France and California. These are used to produce the fine Clarets of France and the Cabernets of California.
CABREIRO CHEESEMade in Portugal from the mixture of ewe and goat milk. When fresh and young, it is delicate but becomes very sharp and pungent when aged.
CABRINNETI CHEESEDelicate, soft dessert cheese from Denmark.
CABRION CHEESEGoat's milk cheese, made in France, soaked in distilled beverage and ripened between layers of grape skins.
CACCIATOREBlack or green olives, Italian wine, mushrooms cooked with meat or game dishes - basically a hunters dish.ITALY
CACCIATOREThe Italian word for'hunter'refers to food prepared'hunter-style', with mushrooms,onions, tomatoes, herbs and sometimes wine. Chicken cacciatore is the most popular.
CACCIUCCOItalian seafood stew.
CACHAT CHEESESheep or goat's milk cheese, produced from France. Soft, creamy but with an assertive flavor. Sometimes blended with brandy or wine.
CACIOCAVALLO CHEESEFrom Italy,firm, buttery with a light brown exterior and smoky flavor. Becomes hard when aged. While ripening, it is rubbed with olive oil and butter and hung from rafters.
CAERPHILLY CHEESECreamy white Welsh or English cheese. Mild, delicate, semisoft to semifirm.
CAFE AU LAITCoffee with milk.
CAFE BRULOTA mixture of spiced, strong black coffee, flambed with cognac.
CAFE CON LECHESpanish coffee with milk and sugar.
CAFE SUA DAA Vietnamese iced milk coffee.
CAFFEINEAlkaloid substance found in tea and coffee; acts as a mild stimulant.
CAFREALThe principal ingredient is marinated in a paste made from chilies, lime juice, coriander leaves, mint leaves and spices, then either deep fried, barbecued or roasted.INDIA - GOAN
CAILLETEA faggot made of liver, meat, herbs, etc.
CAIMITOA very interesting fruit which comes in various colours - green, purple, rose,white or yellow with star shaped seeds inside. Also called 'Star Apple', it is a native of West Indies.
CAIPRISSIMABacardi, chopped lime wedge and sugar syrup.
CAJUNForm of cooking that is a combination of French and southern cuisines.
CAJUN BLACKENING SPICEBlack pepper, dried thyme, garlic, onion powder, oregano, paprika, sea salt, sweet paprika and white pepper powder.
CALABACITAA variety of summer squash found in Mexican cooking.
CALABACITASCourgettes cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes and chillies.
CALABASH-A common variety of hard-shelled gourd, also called'bottle gourd'.
CALABASH-Looks like an apple with a thin yellow-brown skin and is a variety of passion fruit native to Central America and the Caribbean.
CALABASH-In Southern cuisine breaded or battered fried fish is called Calabash.
CALABRESEType of broccoli, bluish green with compact flowers.
CALAMARIThe Italian word for squid.
CALAMARIThis ten-armed cephalopod, commonly known as 'squid', is related to the octopus. The meat is firm and chewy, with a somewhat sweet flavour. Over-cooking can lead to a rubbery texture.
CALAMONDINA citrus fruit, look like small orange or lime.
CALAZONEliterally means "stuffed stocking" - A fold over pizza stuffed with cheese and meat.ITALY
CALCIUMA mineral required for the building of healthy bones and teeth.
CALDO VERDE-Green soup with different vegetables.INDIA - GOAN
CALDO VERDE-Portuguese soup made from cabbage, potatoes and sausage.INDIA - GOAN
CALDRONA large metal pot (kettle) for cooking over an open fire, with a large mouth and frequently with an arc-shaped hanger.
CALF/LAMBYoung member of bovine family, approximately 3-8 months old.
CALIENTEThis is the Spanish word for "hot" and it refers to temperature.
CALIPASHThe fatty meat from the upper shell of the turtle, nowdays obtained in canned or dried form.
CALLALOOSoup with callaloo leaves, vegetables, salt, pork, coconut milk and spices.
CALORIE-Unit of energy used to denote nutritional values of food now called a kilocalorie, which is the amount of raise the temperature of 1kg water by 1degree C.?
CALORIE-The unit of energy used to denote nutritional values of food is called a kilocalorie, which is the amount required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1degree celsius.
CALVADOS-An apple brandy
CALVADOS-Apple brandy distilled from cider in Normandy, France. The best Calvados is golden brown in colour.
CALYPSO COFFEECoffee with Tia Maria.
CALZONEA half-moon shaped pizza turnover, often served with sauce over the top rather than inside.
CAMBRIDGE SAUCEMixed with pounded boiled egg, anchovy fillet, capers, chervil, tarragon, chives,vinegar, cayenne pepper and parsley.
CAMELLIA SINENSISThe botanical name of the plant from which tea is derived.
CAMEMBERT CHEESEA French cheese. Mild to pungent, edible crust, creamy yellow.
CAN STOCK PHOTOcan stock photo
CANADIAN WHITEThick, protein-rich sliced sandwich bread.CHINA / Canada
CANAPE-Small open sandwich- small slice of bread cut into various shapes , plain,?toasted or fried, spread and garnished, served as an appetizer or cocktail snack.
CANAPE-Small toasted or untoasted pieces of bread, crackers or pastry topped with a savoury morsel such as cheese, anchovy or some kind of spread. These can be hot or cold, simple or elaborate.
CANDENASBox containing the personal cutlery of a nobleman in medieval times.
CANDYINGThe nuts are frosted by cooling with bitten egg white, dusting in castor sugar and drying them.
CANE SYRUPThick, extremely sweet syrup made from the sugar cane.?
CANELONESsmall stuffed rolls of pastry or rice.
CANESTRATO CHEESESicilian cheese made of ewe's milk, ripened, then aged. Bright yellow with a pungent flavoured.
CANH CHUASour fish and vegetable soup from Vietnam.
CANJAPortuguese chicken and pasta soup flavoured with lemon and parsley.
CANNELLINIVariety of pasta: White kidney beans, which are oval-shaped and dried, are called Cannellini in Italian. Also known as haricot beans.
CANNELLINI BEANA large white Italian kidney bean.
CANNELLONILarge tubes of pasta; which are stuffed and served in a sauce, also the name of the dish.A tubular pasta filled with meat, cheese or fish, which is sauced and baked.
CANNELLONIVariety of pasta: cylindrical stuffed.
CANNOLIA crisp pastry tube filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, chocolate chips, and candied fruit. Cinnamon and vanilla are common flavourings for this cheese mixture.
CANOLA OILThe market name for rapeseed oil. Low in saturated fat and it has more mono saturated fat than any oil other than olive oil as well as Omega-3 fatty acids... thought to help lower cholesterol.
CANTAL CHEESEFrench, cow's milk cheese. Rich, savory, semiform with a golden color.
CANTALOUPELarge netted type of melon with light orange flesh.
CANTONESEA type of Chinese cuisine that is famous for its meat roasting and grilling, fried rice, bird?s nest soup and shark fin soup.
CAPALINType of caviar obtained from a small member of the salmon family found in the Arctic Ocean.
CAPELLI D ANGELOVariety of pasta: the finest cut angel-hair.
CAPELLINIVariety of pasta: fine vermicelli.
CAPERThe pickled bud from the caper bush which is used in sauces and as condiments for smoked fish and Nicosia salad.
CAPER SAUCEButter sauce and chopped capers.
CAPERCAILLIELarge game bird of the grouse family, now farm-reared in Scotland.
CAPERSTiny pickled buds of a plant.
CAPICOLLAA coarse Italian pork sausage. Usually highly seasoned, this sausage is served cold, thinly sliced, as for prosciutto.
CAPILLAIREVariety of fern that used to be used to flavour stock syrup.
CAPILOTADEa kind of hashed (ragout/stew) game or chicken.
CAPONChicken that has been fattened by being castrated which causes it to put on weight.
CAPONATAStew of onion, eggplant, tomato, pimento, celery and olives, similar to ratatouille.Salad of eggplant, celery, tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts.
CAPPUCCINOItalian coffee, prepared with espresso, hot milk,milk foam and cinnamon powder.
CAPRICE COCKTAILDry Gin, Benedictine, Dry vermouth and orange bitters.
CAPSICUMAnother name for pimento or pepper; available as green, yellow, red and white.
CARAFEA glass container used to serve wine, coffee, water or other beverages at the table, usually in litre and half-litre sizes and generally without a lid, cork or other stopper.
CARAMBOLA-Star fruit
CARAMBOLA-A golden tropical fruit, also known as star fruit, because of its shape when cut across the grain. It has juicy flesh and tastes like a combination of plums, grapes and apples.
CARAMELwater and sugar boiled together and reduced to make a golden brown toffee.
CARAMELISEThe process through which natural sugars in foods become browned and flavourful while cooking. This is usually done over a constant low to medium-low heat. Caramelisation can be quickened with the addition of a little sugar. Either way, be careful not to burn the food.
CARAMELIZEto cook to release natural sugars, or until reaching brown color
CARAMELIZEDCooking the sugar till it develops a dark brownish color.
CARAQUEThinly spread melted chocolate, allowed to set and scraped into curls for cake decoration.
CARAWAYSmall, brown, long and thin seeds that look like cumin or celery seeds.
CARBOHYDRATEA nutrient which has three main groups; sugar, starch and cellulose
CARBON DIOXIDEA gas produced by all raising agents
CARBONARAItalian term that refers to a pasta dish of spaghetti or other noodles with a sauce or cream, eggs, parmesan cheese and bits of bacon. Fresh green peas are sometimes used to add flavor and colour.
CARBONNADEbraised steak.
CARBOONVegetable of the thistle family, similar to leek and celery.
CARCASSSlaughtered, eviscerated animal.
CARCASSEBone structure without the meat.
CARDAMOMAromatic spice, small green pod with black seeds inside .member of the ginger family.
CARDINAL SAUCELobster sauce made with truffles, diced lobster, lobster butter, cayenne pepper and fish stock.
CARDOONResembles a large bunch of wide, flat celery.
CAREMEHam forcemeat Madeira Sauce.
CARIGNAN SAUCETomato-flavoured demi-glace finished with port wine.
CARISSAAlso known as Natal plum, it is two inches long and is a native of South Africa.
CARNE ASADABeef or pork cut into thin diagonal strips and cooked quickly over a very hot fire.
CARNE MOLIDACRUDALiterally meat ground raw.
CAROBComes from the fruit of the carob or tamarind tree. Its flavour and colour are similar to cocoa or chocolate. Since carob has less fat than chocolate, it is often used as a dietetic alternative.
CAROTENOIDThe yellow and orange pigment in carrots and pumpkins.
CARPACCIO-Shavings of raw meat fillet, drizzled with olive oil and served with capers, mustard or mayonnaise sauce.ITALY
CARPACCIO-Italian appetizer made from paper thin slices of chilled raw fillet or fish marinated in lemon juice and olive oil.ITALY
CARPETBAG STEAKDouble sirloin steak cut open to form a pocket into which raw oyster are placed before being grilled.
CARRAGEENPurple-coloured seaweed used as a substitute for gelatine; also called Irish moss.
CARRAQUEScroll flakes of dark chocolate obtained by pouring a thin layer of chocolate on a smooth surface and spread with a palette knife until it sets.
CARRE-Rack of lamb or veal
CARRE-Cut into Square.
CARRE-Delicious small squares of chocolate with varying amounts of cocoa.
CARRE DE L EST CHEESEFrench. Known as a cross between Brie and Camembert. The crust may also be eaten unless it is coloured deep yellow or orange.
CARTE DU JOURDaily menu of the table d?h?te type, priced by the meal, not the dish.
CARURUBrazilian stew made with dried shrimps, okra, tomatoes and palm nut oil.
CASEINThe protein in milk solidifies, which curdles or coagulates into cheese through the action of rennet.
CASERA CHEESEMade in Turkey or Greece. Goat' s milk cheese, salty and crumbly. Sharp, firm and similar in flavor to Fontina. When young, soft enough to spread, when aged, firm and zesty.
CASHEW NUTSCrescent shaped nuts usually served an appetised.
CASHKAVALLO CHEESEThe Balkan versions of the Italian cheese.
CASSATACream ices of various flavours containing candied fruits macerated in maraschino and chopped nuts, set in an oblong mould.
CASSATADifferent layers of multiple flavors of rich ice cream made with nuts and fruits with pastry crust.ITALY
CASSAVARoot of a tropical bush ground and refined as a staple food of the West Indies and Africa; the residue is made into tapioca.
CASSEROLE-An earthenware dish having a lid, usually cooked in it.
CASSEROLE-Refers to both a baking dish and its contents.
CASSONADESoft brown sugar as used for coffee to which it gives a slightly spicy flavour.
CASSOULET-A stew of beans baked with pork or other meats, duck or goose confit, and seasonings.
CASSOULET-Classic stew from southwest France, consists of beans and a verity of meats.
CASTLETON PLUMThe fruit is blue, round, and similar in appearance to Stanley.
CATIMNUONGAubergines cooked with lime.
CAULMembrane that covers an animal's intestine, used for covering cromesquis, faggots, etc., before cooking.
CAUL FATThe stomach lining of pork which is used in place of back fat for pates and to encase crepinettes.?
CAULDRONSA large metal pot (kettle) for cooking over an open fire, with a large mouth and frequently with an arc-shaped hanger.
CAVALIER SAUCETomato-flavoured demi-glace with mustard and tarragon vinegar garnished with capers and diced gherkins.
CAVIAR-These are the eggs of sturgeon that have been salted and cured.?
CAVIAR-The roe of the sturgeon fish, once processed, is known as caviar.
CAYENNE PEPPERVery strong type of ground pepper, made from chillies.
CAZUELAS AND OLLASTraditional Mexican earthenware, casseroles and claypots.
CDPChef De partie
CECIThe round irregularly shaped buff-colored legumes with a firm texture and a mild nut-like flavor. Also called "chick-peas" and "garbanzo beans." Used in salads, soups, and stews.
CELERIACThis vegetable is the root of a special celery that is cultivated specifically for its root. It tastes like a cross between parsley and a strong celery. Used in soups, stews, and purees. Also known as "celery root" and "celery knob."
CELERYOne of the most popular vegetables in the Western world. This plant grows in bunches of leaved ribs surrounding a tender heart. Eaten raw and used in soups, stews, and casseroles.
CELERY SALTA seasoning composed of celery seed and salt.
CELERY SEEDThe seed of the wild celery called "lovage," most of which is grown in India. Because of its strong flavor, it should be used sparingly. Used in soups, salads, and meat dishes
CELLOPHANE NOODLEA form of translucent Chinese noodles made from the starch of mung beans.
CELLOPHANE NOODLESVariety of pasta: made from bean or pea starch.
CELTUSEA variety of lettuce that exhibits characteristics of both celery and lettuce. Celtuse can be eaten raw or cooked.
CENCIONIVariety of pasta: oval-shaped and curved upwards like a petal.
CEPEFlap mushroom; thick, fleshy and moist.
CERFEUILChervil, a delicate herb with fern-like leaves, used to garnish consommes and as an integral part of fines herbs.
CERVELASFrench smoked sausages similar to a saveloy, made of pork but also available made from fish such as pike.
CERVENAMeat from New Zealand farmed deer.
CESNICABaked during Christmas season with a solid silver coin in the dough for good luck; the family member whose bread piece contains the coin is viewed as the most fortunate for the year.Serbia
CEVICHEMarinated raw fish in lemon and lime juices with onion rings; serve with julienne of pimento and hard-boiled egg.Served differently in different countries.
CEVICHEFish pickled in lime juice.
CHAAT MASALAAmchur (mango powder), black salt, cayenne pepper, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ground ginger and mint.
CHABICHOU CHEESEGoat's milk, soft, smooth, from France.
CHABLISIt is a clear, pale white and dry wine made from Chardonnay grapes.
CHAHKANGKUNGStir-fried cabbage greens.
CHAIChai is 'tea' in India. Traditional Indian chai combines very black tea that is boiled in milk and flavoured with local spices such as ginger and cardamom.
CHAKKITwo circular grinding stone hold slight apart, either vertically or horizontally, to de-husking or grinding of various grains.
CHALAZAECord-like strands of egg white that indicate the egg's freshness.
CHALLAHJewish plaited bread.
CHALLAHBraided bread, made with wheat flour, yeast, oil/butter and eggs.
CHALUPASThick, filled, boat shaped tortillas.MEXICAN
CHAM CHAMCottage cheese dumplings, stewed in light sugar syrup and filled with thickened milk and cream
CHAMBORDVery fruity liqueur made from black raspberries.
CHAMOMILEBasically used as a tisane for digestive upsets. The leaves, seeds and flowers are used for flavouring food or in medicine.
CHANTELLE CHEESESemisoft, ripened French cheese. Pale golden; delicious with pears or pineapple.
CHANTILLYWhipped cream sweetened with sugar.
CHAPATIWhole wheat bread from unfermented dough made with salt and water, rolled thin and flat and cooked on a griddle.
CHAPTALISATIONDuring colder years the grapes don't make enough sugar and are therefore not sweet enough, resulting in low sugar levels in the wine. The addition of sugar to wines is called chaptalisation.
CHARCHARIUsed to cook a variety of vegetable which are cut into thin strips and then seasoned with ground spices like mustard seeds/poppy seeds and flavored with phoron.INDIA
CHARCUTERIEButcher shop.
CHARCUTIERButcher and sausage maker.
CHARLOTTESponge fingers lined in a circle, filled with fruit puree.
CHARTREUSE GREENHerb flavoured liqueur.
CHASSEUR SAUCEDemi-glace with mushrooms.
CHATEAUBRIANDDouble steak cut from the beef tenderloin.
CHATEAUBRIANDA large steak cut from the head, also called double fillet steak. It approximately weighs 340 gms.
CHAUD-FROIDHot and Cold. Food coated with cold white sauce.
CHAUD-FROID SAUCEHot and cold thick white tomato sauce glaced with jelly or aspic.
CHAUTEAUBRIAND SAUCEDemi-glace, white wine, chopped mushrooms, thyme, tarragon, cayenne ,pepper and parsley.
CHAWAN MUSHIThick custard soup.
CHAWANMUSHIA Japanese savoury egg custard. Eggs are gently beaten with fish stock, then poured over bits of various ingredients like chicken, prawns, gingko nuts, lily root, fishcake, etc. and steamed over boiling water.
CHEDDAR CHEESEMild to sharp, has an appetizing, nutty flavor, and a firm buttery texture; cream-colored to orange, made in America.
CHEF DE CUISINEChef in charge.
CHEF DE PARTIEChef in charge of a section of the kitchen.
CHEF S KNIFEA chef's knife is one of the most versatile cutting equipment one can find in the kitchen. It has a wide triangular blade which tapers to the center tip. A lot of tasks in the kitchen are made easy with this knife since it can be used for mincing, slicing, cutting juliennes, smashing garlic and disjointing large cuts of meat.TOOL
CHELAS SIDECAR COCKTAILDry Gin, Cointreau, lime juice and sugar syrup.
CHERIMOYAA large tropical fruit with cream coloured flesh.
CHERMOULASpice rub from the ginger, garlic, cumin, chilies, coriander seed etc, from North America countries.
CHERVILThis herb has a sweet taste similar to tarragon and should be added at the completion of cooking. It is widely used to flavour stews, fish, steamed vegetables and certain sauces that require tarragon.It is also used in salads, salad dressings, meat dishes, savoury sauces, egg dishes or as a chopped garnish.
CHESHIRE CHEESEEnglish cheese. Hard-pressed, firm, comes in red, white and blue varieties.?
CHEVRE CHEESEFrench Cheese. Made from goat milk, very pungent and creamy.?
CHHANAAcidification of milk by lemon or other mild acid to make cottage cheese.
CHHANAR JILIBIAn irregular shaped dessert from Bengal,made with cottage cheese,deep fried and steeped in saffron-flavoured sugar syrup.
CHHENCHKKMethod used to cook vegetables and sometimes even their peels. In this the vegetables are flavored with panchphoran or mustard seeds or cumin. Chopped onion and garlic can also be used to add flavor to the dish.INDIA
CHICHARRONFried, crispy pork skin, similar to crackling. The skin is twice deep-fried at two different temperatures, causing it to balloon into honeycombed puffs.
CHICKEN BOOYAHA chicken stew-soup generally found in Wisconsin.
CHICKEN FAJITIAS :Chicken strips marinated with red chili paste , garlic , lemon juice and cooked with thin julienne of capsicum,onion and tomato.
CHICORYAn endive relative with curly, slightly bitter leaves that are used in salads or cooked as greens.?
CHIDVABitten rice or rice flake.
CHIFFONADEShredded leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce.
CHIFFONNADEA ribbon like cut of leafy vegetables ie;lettuce
CHIKKIVarious nuts or dry fruits or seeds mixed with jaggeryto set hard in ball or slab shape.
CHIKUWAA variety of Japanese fish paste cake.
CHILI POWDERPowdered, dried whole red chilli.
CHILLI SAUCEMade in different colours from different chillies.
CHILLIESMembers of the pepper family. Three groups - tabasco, jalapeno and cayenne - are divided into hundreds of varieties with different shapes and degree of hotness.
CHIMICHANGASStuffed, tortillas folded from four side and deep fried.
CHIMICHANGASTortilla is shaped into a parcel , filled and deep fried.MEXICAN
CHINOISE-A cone-shaped strainer or sieve.
CHINOISE-A rigid cone shaped strainer made of perforated metal used to strain sauces and soups.
CHIPOLATAA type of small sausage or/a type of pastry used for eclairs Choucroute- Saurkrautpickeled with salt & fermented.
CHIPSSliced into Chips.
CHIVESThis is a mild,onion flavoured herb,especially good for fish, chicken, egg dishes and potatoes.Chives enhance the taste of almost any buttered vegetable such as carrots, beans, sweet corn, squash, peas, cauliflower and mushrooms.
CHIVRY SAUCEVeloute, white wine, shallots, tarragon, parsley, chives, butter and chervil.
CHLOROPHYLLThe fat-soluble pigment found in every green vegetable including broccoli, spinach and green beans.
CHOCOLATECocoa seeds roasted, husked and ground.?
CHOCOLATE CURLSChocolate curls are used to decorate desserts and other confections. To make chocolate curls, take a vegetable peeler with a long, narrow blade and warm it slightly (or warm the chocolate). Draw the peeler along the smooth surface of the chocolate to make curls.
CHOCOLATIEROne who works with the production of chocolate.
CHOP-To cut into tiny pieces with a sharp knife.
CHOP-To cut food into irregular small pieces
CHORIZO-Spicy sausage meat.INDIA - GOAN
CHORIZO-Spicy Spanish sausage made from pork and cayenne pepper.INDIA - GOAN
CHORON SAUCEBearnaise with tomato puree.
CHOUX PASTEChoux pastry, cream puff and eclair butter.
CHOWCHOWA mustard-flavored relish of vegetables and pickles.
CHOWDERChowder is like a stew containing chunks of ingredients . Most chowders contain potatoes.
CHRISTIAN IX CHEESEDanish, semifirm. Made with caraway seeds.?
CHRISTMAS WAFEREmbossed with images of Christian figures, such as Jesus, or Virgin Mary.Eastern Europe
CHU-TOROPinkish tuna meat of middle fatness.JAPANESE
CHULAHA mud fireplace or oven.
CHUNAMSlacked lime.
CHURMAMade with flour cooked with ghee and sugar.
CHURNINGHomemade butter making process, by using long stick & rope.
CHUTNEY-A coarse paste of various ingredients that uses coconut as a base. It takes the name of the ingredient which gives the main flavor. For example, if mint is used then it is called mint chutney. These are normally tempered with mustard seeds, Bengal gram dal and curry leaves in a little oil.
CHUTNEY-From the Hindi chatni, a condiment made from fruit, vinegar, sugar and spices; its texture can range from smooth to chunky and its flavour from mild to hot.
CHUTNEY-A freshly grounded relish consisting of various ingredients and mainly with the base of coconut or several lentils or the main ingredients and flavoured with chillies, raw mangoes. It takes the name from the main ingredient.
CIABATTAElongated, broad and flat Italian white bread made from wheat flour and yeast.ITALY
CICHETTI E LOMBRAA little bite and the shade, bite is the food, shade is a glass of wine.ITALY
CILANTRO- Fresh coriander leaves.
CILANTRO- Also known as coriander or Chinese or Mexican parsley, this herb has an assertive sagecitrus flavour.
CILANTRO- It is used extensively in Mexican salsa and cold seafood salads.Cilantro is used extensively in Indian,Chinese and Thai cuisine.
CILANTRO LEAVESPungent herb, also called "Chinese parsley" and "coriander," is used in highly seasoned foods.
CINNAMONSpice comes from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree.
CIOPPINOCalifornian tomato broth with a variety of seafood.
CLABBER CHEESEEnglish name for pot cheese.
CLAMARTGreen peas, chateau potatoes.
CLARETDark red wine from Bordeaux, France.
CLARIFYRemove impurities from butter or stock by heating the liquid, then straining or skimming it.
CLASSIC CUISINEA late 19th-and early 20th-century refinement and simplification of French grandecuisine. Classic (or classical) cuisine relies on the thorough exploration of culinary principles and techniques, and emphasises the refined preparation and presentation of superb ingredients.
CLEAVERA heavy, versatile knife with a large rectangular blade used for cutting through bone.
CLING FILMCling film or food wrap is made of Low density Polyethylene (LDPE) which is a thin plastic film used for sealing food.TOOL
CLINGSTONEA term that refers to a fruit with a pit to which the flesh clings tenaciously. The term with the opposite meaning is "freestone".
CLOTTED CREAMClotted cream is a type of thick, delicious cream. Fresh unpasteurised cow's milk is left to stand in a warm place and then heated gently. It is skimmed from the surface and the resulting cream collected and cooled. The thick and delicious cream is served with scones, puddings,fruits etc.
CLOUTEROnion cloute; an onion studded with cloves.
CLOVEA dried spice of unopened flower bud of the tropical evergreen clove tree.
CLOYSTERS COCKTAILDry Gin, Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur, grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and chilled mineral water.
COCK-A-LEEKIESoup made from chicken, potatoes and leeks.
COCKTAIL SAUCETomato puree, Worcestershire, Tabasco and lemon with base of mayonnaise.
COCOAThe fruit of the cocoa plant. These beans are fermented, dried, roasted, cracked and ground. After extracting half the fat, it is again dried into unsweetened cocoa.?
COCOA BUTTERA non-dairy product, it is a natural vegetable fat extracted from the cacao bean and
COCOLIs one of the oldest types of Mexican bread made from wheat flour, milk and eggs.
COCONUT CREAMCoconut cream is made by combining one part water and four parts shredded coconut meat and simmering until foamy. The coconut is then discarded and the cream is extracted.
COCONUT FLOURcoconut flour
COCONUT MILKCoconut milk is made by combining equal parts of water and shredded coconut meat and ground and the milk is squeezed and removed.
COCONUT WATERThe opaque white liquid in the un ripened coconut.
COCOTTEAn oven proof dish (small).
CODDLEA cooking method in which eggs are put in separate containers, placed in a pan of?simmering water for slow and gentle cooking.
COEUR A LA CREME CHEESEDelicate, soft, creamy French dessert cheese.
COFFEE- Coffee is a natural product grown in the tropical and sub-tropical belts. Coffee is the seed of a cherry from the coffee tree.
COFFEE- Chemical Solvent.
COIMBRA CHEESEPortuguese semi firm, salty-sharp cheese which is sometimes made from goat's milk.
COINTREAUBrandy and oranges flavoured liqueur.
COLANDERA vessel having small holes in the bottom used as a Steiner.
COLANDERThe name colander is derived from the Latin word 'column' which means sieve. This is a bowl shaped utensil with holes in it used for draining.
COLBY CHEESEAmerican. Softer, open textured. White to medium yellow in color and is good for both cooking and eating plain.
COLESLAWA salad of shredded red or white cabbage and mayonnaise.
COLLARDA variety of cabbage that doesn't form a head, but grows in a loose rosette at the top of a tall stem. It tastes like a cross between cabbage and kale, which is a close relative, and is also called 'collard greens'.
COLODTRUMSThick milk of dairy animals soon after birth of the calf.
COLOMBIA PASQUALEBread made with flour, eggs, sugar, natural yeast, butter and candied peel. The dough is then fashioned into a dove shape and finally is topped with pearl sugar and almond before being baked.ITALY
COLORADO BLACKIE CHEESEA natural cheese belonging to the Cheddar family. It comes with a black outer wrapping.
COMMISApprentice in the kitchen or dining room.
COMPOTE- Stewed fruit.
COMPOTE- Combination of fresh or cooked fruits served hot or chilled.
COMPOUND BUTTERFlavoured butter or butter seasoned with various ingredients is called compound butter.
COMTE CHEESEFrench cheese, similar to Gruyere. Ivory yellow. Repeatedly dressed with salt as it ages.
CONCASSERto chop roughly(usually tomatoes).
CONCHIGLIEVariety of pasta: seashell-shaped.
CONFITVegetables or meat or poultry cooked & preserved in its own fat.
CONGEALTo turn liquid into solid by chilling.
CONNECTIVE TISSUETissue, which supports and binds other tissues in the lean meat of a carcass.
CONSERVECombination of fruits cooked with sugar,often with nuts and raisins added.
CONVECTION OVENA convection oven is a conventional oven with a fan or blower to circulate the hot air in the oven. The oven works by heating the food within it. It does so by transferring the heat energy in the air to the surface of the food.
COOKIE CUTTERA cookie cutter is a tool with sharp edges used for cutting cookie dough into specific decorative shapes.TOOL
COON CHEESEA natural Cheddar-type cheese, well aged, very sharp, piquant, almost white in color, slightly crumbly.?
COOPER CHEESEA mild Cheddar from Vermont.
COPPA SALTcured, sweet & fragrant neck of pork from Northern Italy.ITALY
COPPER ILLUSION COCKTAILDry Gin, Cointreau and Campari bitter.
COPPIAFERRARESETwisted sourdough bread made with flour, lard, olive, and malt.ITALY
COQ AU VINA classic French chicken dish with mushrooms, onions, and bacon or salted pork cooked in red wine.
COQUILLECooked and served in a shell.
CORDIAL AND LIQUEURSThe terms 'cordial' and 'liqueur' are often used interchangeably. They both refer to very sweet liqueur made by combining or re-distilling spirits with one or more aromatic flavourings. But there are subtle differences. Liqueurs are flavoured with flowers, herbs, seeds, roots, plants, barks or spices, while cordials are generally prepared with fruit pulp or juices.
CORDON BLEUFrench for "blue ribbon".
CORETo remove the inner portion.
CORN SILK TEACorn silk is the yellow silky strands that run the length of the ear of corn. On its own, corn silk is not food, but can be made into a tea known for its therapeutic qualities for urinary disorders.
CORN SYRUPSyrup derived from cornstarch.
CORNBREADA baked or fried bread and has a golden appearance with a moist interior.North America
CORNED BEEFBeef cured in brine or coarse salt.
CORNETA cone shaped pastry made with brick pastry which is similar to the spring roll pastry.?
CORNHUSKER CHEESENatural aged Cheddar-type but softer.
CORNISH GAME HENAlso called 'Rock Cornish game hen', a hybrid of Cornish and White Rock chickens. These miniature fowl are about 4 to 6 weeks old and weigh about 1 kilogram - enough for one serving.
COSMOPOLITAN COCKTAILCointreau, Vodka Citron, Cranberry and lime juice.
COTTAGE CHEESEMild, neutral taste; soft, moist; large or small curd; white.
COTTAGE LOAFThe loversare madewhen largerand smaller roughly spherical balls are squashed together, forming a cottage shape.England
COTTENHAM CHEESEEnglish semifirm, double-cream cheese, sometimes veined with blue, that is creamier and richer than Stilton.
COULOMMIERS CHEESEVelvetly-soft, delicate flavoured dessert cheese from France. When well ripened, it develops a stronger almond-like flavor. Crust is white, with a creamy interior.
COUPEA shallow stemmed glass; also ice cream with the fruit and chantilly cream served in such a glass.
COURT BOUILLONA broth often prepared as the cooking liquid for seafood and sometimes vegetables.
COUSCOUSCouscous is a coarsely ground semolina. It is a staple grain in many North African countries.
COUVERTUREA smooth chocolate, rich, creamy and high in cocoa content, best used for coating fruits,as it forms a thin shell.
CRABAPPLEA small, red apple with hard, sour flesh. Best used in jams and jellies.
CRANBERRY SAUCECranberry puree, sugar and water.
CRAPEThin pancakes made with flour and eggs, can be stuffed with cheese, asparagus, ham, spinach, eggs, ratatouille, mushrooms, artichoke or meat product.FRANCE
CREAMTo beat fat & sugar to incorporate air break down the sugar crystals to soften the fat.
CREAM CHEESEAmerican cheese. Mild, buttery, soft, smooth, white. An acid curd cheese that is very high in fat content. Highly perishable and never ripened.
CREAM OF TARTARA natural fruit acid in the form of a fine white powder used as a whiteness stabiliser in confectionery.
CREMAsweet dessert or a thick creamy soup.ITALY
CREMA DANICA CHEESEVery smooth, soft, triple-creme dessert cheese produced in Denmark. Superb with black cherries and cognac.
CREME BRULEECustard topped with a crust of caramelized sugar.
CREME CHANTILLY CHEESEA soft, delicate flavored French dessert cheese.
CREME DE ANANASPineapple flavoured liqueur.
CREME DE CACAOCocoa beans and vegetables flavoured liqueur.
CREME DE FRAMBOISESRaspberry flavoured liqueur.
CREME DE GRUYERE CHEESEA soft, ripened French cheese with the flavor of Gruyere but the consistency of Camembert. Delicious as a spread for crackers or as a topping for fruit.
CREME DE MENTHEMint flavoured liqueur.
CREME DE ROSERose oil and brandy flavoured liqueur.
CREME FRAICHEThe original French creme fraiche is a naturally fermented and matured raw double cream. But a similar product can be?made by combining cup of sour cream with 1 cup of heavy cream and warming the mixture to 27 degree celsius.?
CREME FRAICHEThe mixture is then covered partially and allowed to stand in a warm place overnight. It should then be stirred and chilled and used as required.
CREME FRAICHEFresh cream that has been thickened with culturing or souring agent.
CREOLE-Strips of green peppers, sliced onions,Creole sauces.
CREOLE-A style of cooking that features a spicy sauce or dish made especially with tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery and seasoning.
CREOLE CHEESEAmerican. Soft unripened cheese made of equal parts of cottage cheese and cream.
CREOLE SAUCESauteed onions, garlic and brunoise of capsicum.
CREPE-A thin pancake.
CREPE-French word for pancake.
CREPINETTEFatty veil that encases the cuts of a pig.
CRESSVarious plants belonging to the mustard family, especially the watercress, which has a pungent-tasting leaf.
CRIMP-To create a decorative edge on a pie crust. On a double pie crust, this also seals the
CRIMP-To pinch together the edges of pastry dough.
CRIMP-To pinch together in order to seal
CRISP BREADVery dry, traditionally consist of whole meal rye flour, salt and water.Scandinavia
CROCUSThe flower from which saffron is extracted. It is one of the most expensive spices.
CROISSANT DEMI-SEL CHEESEFrench, double-creme dessert cheese molded in a crescent shape and lightly salt-cured.
CROQUEMBOUCHEA decorative cone-shaped.
CROQUETTEbreaded, deep fried.
CROSNEPerennial root vegetable, crisp and juicy little tubers that enhance any salad.
CROSTINI-Slices of barguette brushed or olive oil, topped with various fillings and used as a base for appetizer.
CROSTINI-Toasted bread topped with a savoury mixture.
CROSTINI-Slice of a bread cut into a shape which is toasted with the topping.
CROUSTADEpastry crust.
CROUSTADEThese crispy cups can each hold about a tablespoon of filling, so they're perfect for making tiny horsdoeuvres and desserts.?
CROUTONS-Bread cut into various sizes and shapes, fried and used as a garnish.
CROUTONS-Small toasted or fried pieces of bread.
CROXETTIVariety of pasta: coin or medallion-shaped.
CRUDITES-Raw Vegetables
CRUDITES-Sticks of raw cut vegetables, such as carrot, beetroot, radish, peppers and cucumber etc.
CRUMBThe inside of the bread, not the crust. The consistency of the crumb depends on the ingredients for the bread: milk, buttermilk, gluten content, type of flour, grains, fat, type of sweetener,eggs, potatoes and so on.
CRUMPETFlat top, small pores with chewy and spongy texture, griddle cake made from flour and yeast. Their shape comes from being restrained in the pan/ griddle by the shallow ring.United Kingdom
CUBAN BREADSimple white bread, similar to French bread and Italian bread.United States
CUBATA COCKTAILDry Gin, lime juice and Coco cola.
CUBEBThis is the small, reddish-brown, irregularly shaped seed of a cardamom-like plant. The seeds are contained in a brown, wrinkled, fig-shaped, dried capsule.
CUISINECuisine includes the food as well as the manner and the style in which it is prepared and served
CUISSONThe French term used to explain culinary processes and details, especially cooking times.
CULLEN SKINKScottish thick soup made from smoked haddock, potatoes and onions.
CUMBERLAND SAUCERed currant jelly, dissolved in port, garnished with chopped and blanched shallots, julienne of orange zest, lemon juice, mustard, cayenne pepper and ginger.
CUMINA nutty flavoured seed, this spice is a member of the parsley family.
CURACAOBitter orange flavoured liqueur.
CUREProcess of preserving food by either of the methods dry curing or liquid curing.
CURINGA stage in the cheese making process when a cheese is left to ripen.
CURRY BREADJapanese curry is wrapped in a piece of dough, which is coated in flaky bread crumbs, and deep fried or baked.JAPAN
CURRY POWDERBlack peppercorns, cardamom, chillies, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin, fennel,fenugreek, garlic, mustard, nutmeg and turmeric.
CUTTING BOARDSA cutting board is a board on which vegetables and meat can be cut while protecting the kitchen counter. They are available both in wood and plastic.
CYCLIC MENUCyclic Menu is one that changes everyday for a certain period.
CYCLIC MENUe.g. Institutional menus, food festival, daily specials, special occasion menus etc.
CYCLIC MENUespecially , Table menus.
MezethesSmall savory appetizersGreek
QUAILA game bird of the partridge family that resembles a small, plump chicken. The flesh is white and delicately flavoured.
QUANDONGAn edible fruit of a species of the sandalwood tree, particularly the Australian variety. Its seeds have medicinal value.
QUARGEL CHEESEAustrian cheese. Skimmed milk cheese flavored with cumin.
QUATREEPICESCloves, ginger, nutmeg and pepper.
QUEIJO PRATO CHEESEBrazilian. Firm with a smoky flavor.
QUENELLESQuenelles are poached dumplings made from forced meat.Seasoned pur?ed fish, veal orpoultry shaped into an oval dumpling; poached in stock or court-bouillon.
QUESDILLASTortilla sandwich with a fillings of vegetables or chicken or meat, cooked on a hot griddle , cut into wedges and arranged.MEXICAN
QUESO ENCHILADO CHEESEMexican cheese, aged and firm; its rind is covered with hot red chili powder.
QUESO FRESCOA Mexican soft white crumbly cheese made from cow's milk.It is mainly sprinkled over food as garnish.MEXICAN
QUIBEBEA Brazilian winter squash soup made from pumpkin, onions, tomatoes, garlic and hot peppers.
QUICHESavoury tart with a creamy egg base.
QUICK BREADNorth America Leavened with ingredients other than yeast.
QUINCEA rare Asian fruit tree with beautiful red flowers. The flesh tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear.
QUINOATiny, round, ivory colored grain, when cooked it swells to four times its size and looks like a tiny disk with a C-shaped tail.
T-BONE STEAKIndividual portion of the porterhouse steak.
TABBOULEHArabic salad composed of bulger wheat, parsley, mint, and lemon juice dressing.?
TABLE D HOTE MENUSA fixed menu usually for a particular meal or occasion.
TABLE D- HOTEDenotes the set menu at a fixed price...
TABLE D?H?TE MENUSFixed menus usually served for a particular meal or a particular occasion. A choice of dishes may be offered at all courses; the choice and the number of courses will usually limited to two or three.
TABOULEHBroken wheat and parsley salad with a hint of mint.
TACOSThe hand held snack, a folded fried corn tortillas with fillings.
TACOSTortillas are deep fried in such a manner they look like..MEXICAN
TAFFELOST CHEESENorwegian or Danish dessert cheese, semi - soft, creamy white with a red outer rind, which comes in leaves.?
TAGLIATELLEVariety of pasta: similar to fettuccine but slightly wider.
TAGLIOLINIVariety of pasta: thin, 2mm-wide ribbon.
TAHINICrushed sesame seed paste.GREEK
TAJIN SAUCETangy and spicy fruit seasoning consisting of chilli peppers, lime and salt used as a condiment with Mexican food.
TAKOBoiled octopus.JAPANESE
TAKO-BIKIBOCHOUsed normally in Tokyo, it has a blunt end and also called an "octopus cutter"?JAPANESE
TALEGGIO CHEESEItalian dessert cheese, pale, smooth, aromatic, with a reddish crust.
TALLEYRAND SAUCEVeloute, white wine finished with cream and Madeira wine, brunoise of carrot,celery, leeks, turnips and truffles.
TAMALESMasda Harina tortillas with lard.A highly spiced Mexican meat dish.
TAMALESChoice of filling surrounded by masa and steamed.MEXICAN
TAMARINDA sour fruit widely used in Asian cooking.
TANGELOA cross between a tangerine and a pomelo, citrus in nature, with very few seeds.
TANGERINEA thin-skinned citrus fruit, descendant of the mandarin orange.
TANGRI KABABDrumsticks of chicken coated with egg, yoghurt,spices and cashew nut mixture and roasted in Tandoor.
TANNINSediments in wine.
TANSYTansy is a common perennial aromatic herb native to Eurasia. Its bitter-tasting pinnate leaves are sometimes used medicinally.
TANZAKU-GIRIRectangle cut of vegetables.JAPANESE
TAPENADEThick, pungent paste usually made from different ingredients.
TAPIOCAStarchy substance derived from the root of the "Cassava Plant".
TARAMAFish roe from mullet.GREEK
TARATORBulgarian soup made with cucumber, garlic, dill, walnuts and yoghurt.
TARATOURBread crumbs, garlic, oil and lemon sauce.
TARTSweet or savoury open-faced pie.
TARTARE SAUCEMayonnaise with onions, herbs, mustard, egg yolks, gherkins, olives, parsley and chives.
TATE-JIOSeawater salting. Fish are salted by placing then in a salt-water bath. The solution should be about the same as seawater. This technique is used for delicate white fish and thinly sliced firm textured white fish.JAPANESE
TEA BLENDA standard term used to indicate a mix or 'blend' of various teas to imbue the drink with characteristics like flavour, aroma, colour and strength.
TEEZANBeverage made up of ragi (finer millet) powder , milk, coconut and sugar.INDIA - GOAN
TEFF FLOURThe flour produced by grinding the seeds of the teff, a north African grass cultivated for its seeds.?
TEJPATBay leaf in Hindi.
TELEMI CHEESERumanian origin, where it is made of sheep milk. American cheese of same name is made of cow's milk. Semi soft, much like American Mozzarella.?
TEMPEHFermented soy bean cake used in Indonesian cooking.
TENDERLOINVery tender cut of meat from the loin of the hindquarter.
TEPPANYAKI COOKINGTeppanyaki is a Japanese term for grilling meats and poultry. Grilled meats are very popular in Japan. Each diner gets his or her own small hibachi to individually prepare the meat as preferred. The teppanyaki style of cooking took advantage of the tourist trade. It combined traditional grilling with Western beef cuts to create Japanese steak houses. Diners sit around a large metal griddle to watch an entertaining chef chop, flip and cook beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables, served with ponzu (a soy sauce-citrus juice sauce).
TEQUILAMexican spirit distilled from the fermented juice of the agave cactus plant. The alcohol content in Tequila ranges from 35% to 50%.
TERRINEAn earthenware casserole. The term is also used for foods, usually pate mixtures prepared and baked in such a dish, as terrine of chicken.
TETSUNABEJapanese iron boiling pot, comes with a wooden lid and bucket style handles.JAPANESE
TEXTUREA general term for the feel of cheese when touched, tasted or cut.
TEXTURE OF BREADClosely relates to crumb, it describes the texture of the crumb as determined by touching, eating or tasting.
THANDAIA chilled beverage made with milk, sugar, dry nuts, rose petals, saffron, poppy seeds,cardamom and pepper.
THATTAIThese are deep fried disks of a rice flour-based dough.INDIA
THAWTo remove from freezer and place under refrigeration approximately 18-48 hours. Internal temperature should be above 1 degree Celsius.
THECHWANIMade from radish or potato. In this the vegetables are not cut but crushed into smaller pieces.KUMAON - INDIA
THEOBROMINEA dimethyl xanthine found in the cacao plant and therefore in chocolate. It is a caffeinelike stimulant.
THORANSauteed vegetables tempered with grated coconut and mustard seeds.
THOUSAND ISLAND SAUCEHard-boiled eggs, tomato sauce, chopped gherkins, onions, pimentos, olives and paprika powder mixed with mayonnaise.
THYMEThyme has a very strong flavour because of the thymol contained in it. It retains this flavour when dried. Thyme is a good source of iron and is a very popular ingredient in almost all cuisines. It is widely used to flavour meats, stews and soups and goes well with tomatoes, eggs and lamb. Though strong, it blends well with other herbs and spices.
TIA MARIARum, coffee bean and vanilla flavoured liqueur.
TIFFINNormally a light evening snacks or morning breakfast.
TIGER BREADBread made as a white bread bloomer loaf or bread roll, generally used sesame oil and rice paste on surface before baking.Netherlands
TIGNARD CHEESEFrench cheese.Firm, blue - veined goat's - milk cheese.
TIJUANA CHEESEMexican. Firm, pale, but with a hot after taste because bits of hot red pepper were added to the curd before aging.?
TIKKACubes of meat or fish or chicken, marinated skewered and roasted in Tandoor.
TILLAMOOK CHEESEAmerican cheese. Type of Cheddar, bright yellow, firm, not flaky. The salt-free variety has an indescribably pungent but not sharp flavor.
TILSITER CHEESEMade originally by the Dutch. Semi firm, with piquant flavor.
TIMBALEA half conical mould of tin in various sizes.
TIN OPENERtin opener
TIRAMISUfavorite Italian dessert with cream, coffee and Amaretto.ITALY
TIROPITAFilo stuffed with layers of feta cheese and egg.GREEK
TISANESTisane or ptisan is an exotic word for herbal tea. The herbal plant can be steeped in hot water or the tea can be brewed in a pot with a particular herb for over 12 hours till it acquires its aroma and its flavour.
TO- FUSoya Bean curd.
TOCINOCured ham with added colour.
TODDYFermented sweet sap of Tar or Palmyra palm.
TOFFEESugar, butter and flavourings boiled together and then allowed to cool and harden.
TOFUA low-calorie, high-protein, cholesterol-free food made from curdled soy milk.
TOFURKYMock turkey or a vegetarian alternative to turkey.
TOHEROA SOUPNew Zealand's seafood soup. A Christmas speciality.
TOJOLOTEMexican mortar and pestle made from heavy black basalt.Actually called Molcajete & TojoloteMEXICAN
TOM KHA GAIThai herbed chicken and coconut soup, strong and piquant.
TOM YUM KOONGPiquant Thai hot and spicy shrimp soup with fish sauce, cilantro and lemon.
TOMATILLASGreen tomatoes with husk.
TOMATILLOLooks like a small tomato with a husk.MEXICAN
TOMATO SAUCEmade with skinned, deseeded tomatoes, bacon, vegetables and spices.
TOMME DE CHEVRE CHEESEA small French cheese made from goat's milk.?
TONGSTongs are kitchen equipment that are used to lift or grasp hot foods and to rotate or turn food with delicate precision.TOOL
TONNATOcreamy tuna and anchovy sauce.ITALY
TOROWhite prime tuna, the fattest cut.JAPANESE
TORTALLONIVariety of pasta: stuffed, cushion-shaped pasta with scalloped edges.
TORTEA rich multi-layered cake made with little or no flour.
TORTELLINIVariety of pasta: shaped around the finger, like a hat with curled edges.
TORTILLASFlat bread made of corn flour, considered to be Mexico's national bread.
TORTONliqueur flavoured ice creamITALY
TOSCANO CHEESESharp sheep's-milk Italian cheese of the Pecorino family, firm, but soft enough to slice or cut in wedges.?
TOSSTo mix ingredients lightly.
TOSTADASHuge bowl shaped deep fat fried tortilla shells.
TOSTADASTortilla shaped like a plate . It is used to serve the main course itself .MEXICAN
TOURNEDOSa small steak from the center of the tenderloin.
TRANCHERto carve or slice a food item.
TRANS FATTrans fat is made when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil - a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation increases the shelf life and flavour stability of foods containing these fats. Trans fat is formed when food manufacturers turn liquid oils into solid fats like shortening and hard margarine. A small amount of trans fat is found naturally, primarily in some animal-based foods.
TRECCE CHEESEBraided semi soft Italian cheese.
TRIPEThe edible lining of the stomach (beef).
TRIPEL CREME CHEVRE CHEESESoft, ripened, cheese made from goat's milk. The crust (if white) can be eaten, as well as the creamy interior. High in butter fat.
TRIPLE CREME CHEESESoft ripened dessert cheese containing more than 75% butter fat.
TRIPLE SECOrange flavoured liqueur.
TRONCONThick piece of flat fish cut on the bone.
TRONDER CHEESENorwegian, semisoft cheese, mellow, creamy - white color. 45% butter fat content.
TROWELSimilar to a comb and used to produce ribbon sponge shapes and create striped designs..
TRUSSTo bind poultry with string or skewers for roasting.
TSUKIGIRICut with a forward thrusting motion.JAPANESE
TSUMA-ORE-GUSHITucked under skewering. This technique is used mainly with thin fillets, which by "tucking" adds height to the fillet.JAPANESE
TUACABrandy flavoured with orange and vanilla.
TUAREG CHEESEUnsalted skimmed-milk cheese made by Berber tribes in Africa.?
TUBETTIVariety of pasta: slightly bent pipe-shaped.
TUNISIAN FIVE-SPICECinnamon, cloves, grains of paradise, nutmeg and peppercorns.
TURKISH COFFEEBoiling powdered roasted coffee with sugar so that the dregs settle.
TURMERICA slightly bitter spice taken from the root of a plant in the ginger family.
TURNEDCut into 3-cm long sections and turned into a barrel shape.
TURNERIt is a wooden or metal spatula that is used to turn or flip foods.TOOL
TVPTextured Vegetable Protein derived from soyabeans, oats, etc.
TYRIAGreek Cheeses.GREEK
TYROLIENNE SAUCEBearnaise with olive oil instead of butter.
TZATZIKIDip made from yoghurt,cucumber and garlic and is served with pita bread.GREECE
UKHARussian fish soup flavoured with cinnamon and cloves, preferably cooked on an open fire.
UNERI-GUSHITechnique for skewering fish in a wave form. Applies to ocean fish.JAPANESE
UNISea urchin eggs.
URADBlack gram.
URSULINESName given to chicken or veal quenelles.
USUBAVegetable knives for professional use, have a number of shapes, and the cutting edge is on one side only. It is used for paring vegetables, slicing, chopping & mincing.JAPANESE
USUBA-BOCHOThe vegetable knife commonly used in the home kitchen. Usually black blade.Usuba are vegetable knives for professional use, have a number of shapes, and the cutting edge is on one side only. It is used for paring vegetables, slicing, chopping & mincing.JAPANESE
VACHERIN CHEESESeveral different cheeses fall under this name; it is semisoft.
VEALMeat of the calf up to one year old.
VENDOME CHEESESoft French cheese, ripened in charcoal or buried in ashes.
VERBENAVerbena is used when fresh, as it loses its flavour when dried. Its leaves are used in cocktails and to add unusual flavours to pork and chicken dishes. It is said that headaches are cured with a dose of verbena tea.
VIERGEOlive oil based sauce made with onion, garlic, tomatoes, fresh basil & coriander leaves.
VINAIGRETTEMixture of oil & acid - usually vinegar & lemon juice, in an approximate ratio of three or four part of oil to one part of the acidic ingredient.
VINEGARA weak solution of acetic acid and water used in pickling, preserving, tenderizing, and to add a sour flavor to foods.
WACSWorld Association of Chefs Societies.
WADIOther name is bati or bari. Urad dal batter fermented for overnight, make small shape and dried in sun to preserve.
WAKAMIA dried seaweed used in soups.
WASABIKnown as 'Japanese horseradish', the root is used as a spice and has an extremely strong flavour and its stem is pungent. It is dried, powdered and reconstituted with water.
WATER CHEST NUTwater chest nut
WATERZOOIDutch stew made from fish or chicken and vegetables.
WEAK COFFEEIt is a light diluted coffee, where the decoction is made with lots of water and less coffee powder. The use of stale or old coffee powder / liquor, and incorrect grinding of coffee used for the equipment in operation, result in the coffee being weak.
WENSLEYDALE CHEESEEnglish cheese. Firm, flaky, with a thick rind. Superb. Pale color, with a subtly pungent flavor.
WHEAT NOODLESVariety of pasta: long thin strings made from whole wheat flour.
WHEYThin white liquid , the byproduct of yoghurt and milk while making butter or cheese.
WHISKEY SOUR COCKTAILWhiskey and lime juice.
WHISKYScotland's finest contribution to the world is the malt whisky. Depending on the distillation process it is termed single malt, double malt and so on.?
WHITE BREADBread made from wheat flour.
WHITE CHOCOLATEBlend of sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, lecithin and vanilla.?
WHITE PEPPERWhite peppercorn is somewhat less pungent than the black variety. After ripening, its skin is removed and the berry is dried. White pepper is used in light-colored dishes.
WHOLE WHEAT BREADBread made using flour which is partly or entirely made from whole or almost whole wheat grains.
WILTSHIRE CHEESEEnglish Cheddar type, very sharp and crumbly.
WINEAn alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of fresh juice.
WIRE WHISKSeries of metal or stainless steel wires coiled and joined to a narrow long handle. They are used to beat egg whites into meringues and whip cream.TOOL
WISCONSIN LONGHORN CHEESEAn American Cheddar, medium-sharp in flavour.
WOKRound bottomed and has deep slanting sides.TOOL
WON TON SKINPaper-thin round or square sheets of dough made from flour, eggs, and salt. Used as wrappers to make "won tons".
WOO WOO COCKTAILVodka, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry juice.
WORTWort is the sweet, amber extract that is filtered from malt. After malted barley is mashed, wort is extracted from it and used to brew beer.
XANTHAN GUMProduced from the fermentation of corn sugar, it is most commonly used as a stabiliser, emulsifier and thickener in foods such as yoghurt, sour cream and salad dressing.
XNIPEC (MEXICAN)A type of chili sauce.?MEXICAN
YAKHIMutton and yoghurt-based broth flavoured with saffron and spices.
YAKHNIMeat or vegetable stock which is used in pulao.
YAKIDOFUGrilled tofu or soybean curd cake.
YAKIMONOGrilled food, including pan-fried dishes.JAPANESE
YAKITORIAn appetiser from Japan, made with various parts of chicken and vegetables, brushed with soy sauce, speared on bamboo sticks and grilled over charcoal.
YAKONRoot with a crunchy texture which is large, sweet and round.
YANAGI-BABOCHOKnife is pointed & is known as a "Willow leaf blade".JAPANESE
YASSAA Senegalese dish with grilled meat, lemon juice and condiments.
YAUTIARoot looks like a knotted, brown skinned carrot. The flesh can be pink, yellow or cream coloured. The flavor is suggestive of potatoes and beans.MEXICAN
YEASTA substance containing fungus cells used in-raising dough.
YERBA BEUNASpear mint with a strong pungent smell.MEXICAN
YERBA BUENASpear mint.
YORKSHIRE CHEESEEnglish cheese. When young, soft, bland, and creamy. When aged, sharp and zesty. Similar to a ripened Neufchatel.
YOU TIAOChinese doughnut.
YUFKAThin, round, unleavened bread made with, wheat flour, water, table salt.
YUGAKUParboiling vegetables.JAPANESE
AmarettiBittersweet cookies - prepared with equal amount of bitter almonds and regular almonds.
AmbalIt is a sour dish made with fish or vegetables. Tamarind is added to it to lend it sourness. Ambal is mostly made during summers and is meant to be eaten towards the end of the meal before the dessert.Bengal - India
Andare a cichetiTo go for snacks accompanied by a glass of red or white wine
AppamSimilar to dosa, but made with rice flour and toddy, these take the shape of the curved bowl-like pan in which they are prepared.India
Apple corerA tool that removes the core and pips of an apple while leaving the apple whole.
Arborio RiceLarge unhulled rice - used to make Risotto.
AtaarA seasoning, blend of thyme, sesame seeds, and other spices.
AvgolemonoAn egg and lemon mixture used as a sauce or a soup base.Greek
BaadiA kind of bread made from Kwadakaatta (also known as Mandua flour and is black in color). It is best served with Gahatkidal.sKumaon – India
BaccalàmantecataCreamed dried cod with olive oil, parsley and garlic (a real favorite)
BaklavaMade of layers of phyllo pastry, chopped nuts, and a honey-flavored syrup
BalMithaiA brown coloured sweet made from khoya or condensed milk and is covered entirely with sugar balls. It has a sticky texture and is yummy to taste.Kumaon – India
Bamboo broomA short broom of bamboo sticks which are tightly packed and tied together.
Used in Chinese kitchen to scrape out food particles attached to a wok.
Bamboo steameMade of interlocking strips of bamboo with perforated bottoms that fit on top of one another. The whole basket is placed over a pot of simmering water where the steam rises through the perforations and cooks the food.
BatilgianArmenian word for eggplant
BerbereHot sauce of Ethiopia.
BhajaMethod of coating anything be it vegetable, fish or meat in a batter of gram flour or besan and deep fried in mustard oil.Bengal - India
BhapTerm used for cooking using steam or simply the technique of steaming the food.Bengal - India
BhartaIt is a method used to cook vegetables like potato, brinjal, pumpkin, beans. In this the vegetable is first boiled and mashed finely and then seasoned with spices and mustard oil.India
BhunaA term used for grilling something be it vegetable or meat, covered with whole spices, on high heat.India
BologneseMeat sauce with tomatoes.
BourekakiaFilo puffs made with various fillingsGreek
Bread knifeA bread knife is a straight long and slender knife which has a serrated blade. The serrated edge ensures that the airiness in bread, cakes and sandwiches is retained and not pressed while slicing.
Bresaoladried fillet of beef
Brodettodelectable fish soup.
BulgerPar cooked wheat, dried and broken.Greek
Cacciatoreblack or green olives, Italian wine, mushrooms cooked with meat or game dishes – basically a hunters dish.
Calazoneliterallymeans “stuffed stocking” - A fold over pizza stuffed with cheese and meat.
CapersTiny pickled buds of a plant.
CassataDifferent layers of multiple flavors of rich ice cream made with nuts and fruits with pastry crust.
ChainsooDish prepared by using black gram dal.Kumaon – India
CharchariUsed to cook a variety of vegetable which are cut into thin strips and then seasoned with ground spices like mustard seeds/poppy seeds and flavored with phoron.India
Chef’s knifeA chef’s knife is one of the most versatile cutting equipment one can find in the kitchen. It has a wide triangular blade which tapers to the center tip. A lot of tasks in the kitchen are made easy with this knife since it can be used for mincing, slicing, cutting juliennes, smashing garlic and disjointing large cuts of meat.
ChhenchkkMethod used to cook vegetables and sometimes even their peels. In this the vegetables are flavored with panchphoran or mustard seeds or cumin. Chopped onion and garlic can also be used to add flavor to the dish.India
ChinoisA cone shaped metal strainer with a very fine mesh that is ideal for straining, sauces, soups and custards.
ChutneyA coarse paste of various ingredients that uses coconut as a base. It takes the name of the ingredient which gives the main flavour. For example, if mint is used then it is called mint chutney. These are normally tempered with mustard seeds, Bengal gram dal and curry leaves in a little oilIndia
Cichetti e l ombraa little bite and the shade, bite is the food, shade is a glass of wine
Cling filmCling film or food wrap is made of Low density Polyethylene (LDPE) which is a thin plastic film used for sealing food.
ColanderThe name colander is derived from the Latin word ‘colum’ which means sieve. This is a bowl shaped utensil with holes in it used for draining.
Cookie cutterA cookie cutter is a tool with sharp edges used for cutting cookie dough into specific decorative shapes.
Coppa Saltcured, sweet & fragrant neck of pork from Northern Italy.
Cremasweet dessert or a thick creamy soup.
CrostiniSlices of barguette brushed or olive oil, topped with various fillings and used as a base for appetizer
CroustadeThese crispy cups can each hold about a tablespoon of filling, so they´re perfect for making tiny hors d´oeuvres and desserts.
Cutting boardsA cutting board is a board on which vegetables and meat can be cut while protecting the kitchen counter. They are available both in wood and plastic.
DabFlatfish of the north-eastern Atlantic. It has a broken back.
DageAn Indonesian food produced by bacteria fermentation.
Dage may be prepared from various kinds of seeds.
Made from the presscake left after oil excretion from groundnuts or other nuts or from other vegetables waste.
DalSplit pulse used extensively in Indian cuisine
DalnaIt used for a dish of mixed vegetables in a thick gravy and seasoned with ground spices and clarified butter or ghee.India
DamsonOval plum
Has astringent taste
DandelionWild plant, relative to Chicory. Leaves, roots and flowers are edible
Danish pastryYeast dough made with milk and eggs, into which butter has been folded by a method similar to that employed for making croissants. Before baking pastry is cut into small sheets and filled of various fillings.
DarneA slice with bone, center section of large fish.
DashiJapanese soup stock is made by simmering flakes of dried bonito and pieces of giant kelp.
DaubeFrench culinary term, indicating either a method of cooking or a type of dish.
DeglazeTo dissolve or dilute the concentrated juices in the pan in which meat, poultry, fish, or game has been roasted or braised; the liquid may be stock, wine, cream, or fruit or vegetable juice.
Demijohnlarge bottle of basket of local wine.
DenaturationIn a food context, describes what happens to protein as a first result of being heated (or as a result of acidification, or of violet agitation, or of being cooled below a critical temperature.
DewberrySmaller fruits with fewer and larger duplets which are covered by a purple bloom.
DhansakIndian meat cooked with vegetables and lentilsIndian
DibsRefers to thick sweet syrup made by boiling down grape juice.Arabic
DinuguanIt is a stew of meats-variety and otherwise cooked in blood, vinegar, garlic and hot peppers.Filipino
DiplesThin strips of dough tied, folded into bows or loops and deep-fried, then dipped in honey syrup and topped with chopped nutsGreek
DittanderType of herb.
Pepper grass
DogfishA name given in a loose way to many of the smaller species of shark in many different languages.
Doggy bagFood served but not consumed, taken home in a bag.
DolmadesServed chilled as an appetizer. Grape leaves (also known as vine leaves) stuffed with rice, pine nuts and herbs and other seasoning.Greek
DomatoSoupaTomato soup.Greek
Doner kebabThin slices of marinated lamb packed tightly onto a vertical spit to form a solid mass and thus roasted, pieces of meat being cut off the outside as it browns.Turkish
DosaThin Pancakes made with a fermented batter of black gram lentil and rice, in a griddle plateIndia
DosaA rice and lentil pancake, crispy on the surface but slightly spongy inside..
Accompanied with withsambhar and coconut chutney.
DoughnutA deep fried ball or ring of soft dough, sometimes enriched with eggs, leavened with yeast or baking powder and often sprinkled with fine sugar afterwards.
DrisheenBlood pudding made from beef and sheep blood.South Ireland
DrupeCategory of fruits having flesh surrounding a single stone which is called a nut if edible. Examples: almond, apricot, cherry, mango, olive, peach and plum.
DuqqaSesame, coriander seeds, cumin, salt, pepper and hazelnuts pounded together.Arabic
DuxellesChopped mushrooms sautéed in butter with onions, shallots and flavoured with herbs.French
Egg slicerA tool designed to cut perfect slices of hard boiled eggs with thin wires.Its has a slotted base to hold the egg and a hinged plate of wires or blades that can be closed to slice the egg.
EmpanadaVarious food items are covered with bread dough and cooked..
EmulsionNot a mixture but a blend of two liquids usually with different consistency where one forms tiny droplets which are evenly dispersed in the other.
EnokitakeA convex cap long thin mushroom
EnsaimadaA sweet, airy yeast bun of Majorca made with the pork lard of highest qualitySpanish
EpazoteMexican herb, with a very strong flavor.
Older leaves have a strong flavor and younger ones have mild flavor.
EpicureIn the Food and Beverage context, best food and wine
It is a term derived from the Greek philosopher Epicures.
EscabecheFried fish or chicken marinated with vinegar, other ingredients and served cold.
ExplorateurFrench triple crème cheese.
Made in a thick disc shape and has a white bloom on its rind.
Has a creamy texture and flavor.
ExtractsConcentrated flavorings derived from an ingredient.
FadgeMashed boiled potatoes, flour and seasoning, made into round cakes and grilled.
FaggotA mixture of pork offal- liver, lungs, spleen etc.
FakkesA lentil soup in tomato base.Greek
FalafelPatties made from chickpeas, onion, garlic, parsley, coriander, cumin, flour, salt and pepper.
FarfalleBow-shaped pasta.
FasolathaTomato based navy bean soupGreek
FeculaGeneral term for a starch which has been rendered more or less pure by washing in water, as opposed to flour or farina, which contains protein and other substances from the original plant.
Most ordinary starches such as tapioca and corn flour are feculas.
FesenjanPersian poultry or meat balls stew made from pomegranate juice and walnuts.
FetaA Greek cheese. Feta is traditionally made from sheep’s milk or sheep’s and goat’s milk mixed. It is made in large blocks which are salted, sliced and salted again and packed into containers in which the cheese matures for about a month in the salty whey.
FibreA term for the indigestible constitutes of food. Among the most important of these is what is called roughage. It is primarily carbohydrate.
Figgy puddingA steamed or baked pudding made from figs, apples, carrots, breadcrumbs, flour, butter, eggs and brown sugar.
Fines herbesFrench term for a mixture of chopped fresh culinary herbs.
Finger limeIt is the fruit of a shrub or small tree found in the rainforest regions of North-East Australia. It belongs to the citrus family. The near cylindrical fruits are about 6cm long and may remain green even when ripe.
Finikia or MelomakarounaOblong, honey-dipped cookies covered with chopped nutsGreek
FisnoggeJewish calf’s foot jelly.
Five grains of chinaThe ‘five grains’ are
Chi (setaria millet)
Shu (panicum millet)
Tao (rice),
Mai (wheat and barley)
Shu (legumes).
Five spiceA Chinese ground spice mixture that consists of star anise, fennel, cloves, cassia (Chinese cinnamon) and Sichuan pepper.
FlanAn open short-crust pastry or sponge case containing a filling (sweet or savoury).
Floating islandA cold dessert consisting of round, flattish, baked meringue ‘island’ floating on a sea of custard.
FlorentineA dish containing spinach.
A dish garnished with spinach.
FlummeryA dish made by soaking fine oatmeal in water for a long time and then boiled and stirring the liquid until it is almost solid.
FocacciaA flat bread topped with different herbs
FocacciaOnion and olive bread
FoiegrasGoose or duck liver pate.
FondantA mixture of sugar, water and glucose boiled to the soft-ball stage.
FondueThe French for melted, is the name of a Swiss dish made of melted cheese.
Foo-FooThe most common name for the starchy pastes popular in most of W. Africa may be made from any fibrous vegetable.
Foo-Foo is made from Yam, Plantain, Cassava, Taro, Sweet Potato or Maize.
FoolA simple mixture of mashed fruits, raw or cooked as appropriate with whipped cream.
FoulArabic rice and bean stew dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.
FourmeA French word for mould (in the sense of a shaping mould, not a micro organism) appears in the name of some cheese molded to shape.
FraiseA medieval term referring to something of the general nature of pancake made with batter and fried.
FrangipaneA custard tart flavoured with pounded almond and pistachio.
FreekehRoasted green wheat, a specialty of Arab countries.Arabic
French breadIs made mainly with soft wheat. It absorbs less water, giving a drier loaf and raises less. It is not meant to be buttered.
FriandisesWord meaning delicacy
Usually a small item of sugar confectionery or a little cake served after the meal along with the coffee and eaten with the fingers.
FricandeauSlices of meat fried or braised with a sauce.
FricasseeFricassée– A white light stew made with meat or poultry or game or vegetable.
Frigate mackerelAlso known as “bullet mackerel” – from the tuna family
FrittataIt is cooked on one side and flipped over so both the top and the bottoms are golden brown.
FritterFood item coated in batter and deep fried.
FromagefraisA fresh creamy, smooth white cheese, lightly fermented and of varying fat content sometimes almost pouring.
FrumentyPorridge made from wheat, the name is derived from the classical Latin Frumentummeaning corn.
FudgeA grainy textured sweetmeat made from sugar, milk and butter boiled to the soft ball stage and then beaten up.
FuguJapanese delicacy, name for some species of blowfish.
FumetReduction of cooking liquor of fish or vegetable stock.
FunnelA funnel is used to transfer large amounts of liquids from a bigger container to smaller ones like bottles. They avoid spillage.
GalaktobourekoPhyllo filled with custard sauce and topped with a light honey/sugar syrupGreek
GardumbaLamb intestines rolled into a sausageGreek
Garlic pressA garlic press is a piece of kitchen equipment that crushes garlic efficiently by forcing them through a small grid of holes. They are a quick alternative to mincing garlic with a knife.
GelatoItalian Ice Cream usually prepared from egg based custard using whole milk or cream.
GhantoDifferent vegetables are chopped or grated and then cooked with phoron and other ground spices.India
GiouvetsiGreek casserole or baked in the ovenGreek
Grappastrong digestive wine
GraterA grater is a kitchen utensil with sharp perforations.
Available in different sizes of grating slots and are useful in preparing a variety of dishes.
Grill panA heavy metal pan used to grill foods.
GyroThin slices of meat are seasoned with herbs and spices and served in sandwich form in pita bread along with tomatoes and onions.Greek
HalalFood processed / cooked as per Islamic dietary laws.
HaloumiMade from sheep’s milk, a semi soft and not very salty cheese.Greek
HandiA utensil used in Indian cooking. Usually made of brass and coated with tin, the handiis deep and its neck is narrower that its base.
HaramFood that are prohibited as per Islamic dietary laws.
HoriatikoPosmiBread made from cornmeal and whole meal flour.Greek
HummusA dip made with chick peas, tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon.
IdiappamString hoppers made with rice flour are served with coconut milk/kormas/gravy curry/chutneysIndia
IdliSteamed cakes made from rice and black gram lentil batterIndia
Insalatamistawild young leaves of many shapes and colors of lettuce served with a vinaigrette dressing
JhalThis is used to cook meat. The meat is first fried lightly and then cooked in a light sauce of ground chillies, mustard and panchphoran.India
JholA stew -the fish, meat or vegetable is prepared in a stew kind of preparation and served with rice. Jhol preparations are usually made during summers as it is very light on palate and also very nutritious.India
JholiGravy made from curd and is thick in consistency.Kumaon – India
KadaifShredded dough filled with chopped nuts and cinnamon and topped with honey/sugar syrupGreek
KadhaiTraditionally made of iron, a kadhai is an Indian wok that is used to cook food with little or no water at all. They are also ideal for deep frying.
KafuliThick gravy based preparation made from green leafy vegetables.Kumaon – India
KaliaRich preparation of vegetables, fish or meat. Gravy is made using onion paste, ginger garlic paste, tomato puree and garam masala cooked in a lot of oil and ghee or clarified butter.India
KappaDish of spinach cooked in curd. It is flavoured using different spices and rice paste is added to it to give it a thick consistency.Kumaon – India
KaridopitaAlmond and walnut dark cake topped with a light honey/sugar syrupGreek
KassaMeat is first grilled in mixture of spices like onion, ginger, garlic, chilli powder, turmeric powder and cumin powder and then put into a thick gravy.India
KasseriCreamy farm cheese.Greek
KefalotyriA mild cheese made from sheep’s or cows milk.Greek
KefteidakiaFried beef meatballGreek
KibbehGround meat mixed with bulger wheat and cooked in oval-shaped patties or as a large cake.
Kitchen shearsKitchen shears are scissors that are used in the kitchen to cut dry fruits, snip herbs and trim the fat from poultry and meat. — to trim fat from poultry and meat.
KolokithiagemistaGreekZucchini stuffed with ground beef, rice and served with avgolemono sauceGreek
KolokithokeftedesZucchini frittersGreek
KopanistiMykonouCheese made from cow or sheep’s milk or made by using both. It is salty and spicy in taste. The process of coagulating milk is same as is used for preparing Feta with only difference being that the period for coagulation is longer.Greek
KormaCooking meat or chicken in a mild yoghurt based sauce and ghee.India
KosherFoods that meet the requirements of a strict set of dietary rules laid out in Jewish law.
KotosoupaChicken soup topped with a creamy lemon sauce.Greek
KoulourakiaGolden coloured , crisp, cookies covered with sesame seedsGreek
KounoupidiTiganitoBatter fried CauliflowerGreek
Kourabiedesbutter cookies topped with powdered sugarGreek
KremithosoupaA clear onion soupGreek
KuzambuA gravy dish that has vegetables and/or lentil stewed with spices, with or without coconut milk.India
LachanodolmadesCabbage leaves stuffed with beef, rice and served with avgolemono sauceGreek
LadleA ladle is type of serving spoon. It has a long handle and a deep cup shaped bowl. It is ideal for serving or transferring liquids like soups, stews and sauces from a pot to a bowl.
LesuMade by stuffing Madua flour into a dough made from wheat flour and a lot of ghee or clarified butter is applied to it while erving.Kumaon – India
Loaf panA loaf pan is a narrow rectangular mould that is used for baking breads and meatloaves.
LoukoumadesDeep-fried honey balls topped with honey.Greek
LoutzoukaxiaVariation on lentils.Greek
Maduaki RotiChapatti or roti made from a cereal called Madua. It is considered very healthy.Kumaon – India
ManouriMade from sheep’s or goats milk whey, a soft unsalted cheese.Greek
MarathopsomoFennel flavoured breadGreek
MaridesFried white baitGreek
Masala VadaMix of lentils, onion, green chilies, fresh coriander leaves and garlic ground coarsely, made into fritters and deep friedIndia
MasherUsed for mashingfood items such as boiled potatoes.
Measuring spoonsMeasuring spoons are those which are used to measure small amounts of ingredients such as oils, spices and other powders. The most commonly used sizes are the teaspoon and tablespoon.
Meat malletA meat mallet is a handy tool that is used to pound the surface of the meat and tenderize it.
Meat thermometerUsed to measure the internal temperature of meat and poultry especially in dishes like steaks and roast. They are also the most reliable and accurate way of determining if a roast is cooked through or not.
MelitzanosalataEgg plant puréeGreek
MelizanapapoutsakaEggplant stuffed with ground beef with tomato sauce and cheeseGreek
MelomakarounaOblong, honey-dipped cookies covered with chopped nutsGreek
Melon ballerA small spoon like tool that scoops melon into perfect balls.
MezethesSmall savory appetizersGreek
MezzeA small dishes served as appetizers in the Middle East.
Minestronetomato based vegetable and pasta soup
Mixing bowlA deep bowl for mixing ingredients together.It should have enough high sides to prevent splattering when hand held blenders are used.
MizithraSoft and hard varieties; made from sheep’s or goats milk wheyGreek
Monte Biancodessert consisting of chestnut purée, cream and Strega.
Mortadellalarge smooth textured sausage prepared from pork, fats and spices.
Mortar & pestleThe mortar is a deep heavy bowl with rounded edges to prevent spillage while pounding and the pestle is a heavy club shaped object whose head is used to crush or pound various herbs and spices - helps to release the most flavors from herbs and spices.
MoussakkaLayers of vegetables tossed with concasse, grilled eggplant, tomato puree and cheese .Greek
MughalThe cuisine of Northern India, which is heavily influenced by Persian cooking.
MurukkusThese little spirals of fried rice dough are snack items that are popularly eaten along with tea/coffeeIndia
Muslin clothLoosely woven carded cotton yarns and are unbleached and white in colour. Used for fine straining.
NisiotikiA vegetable and sea food soupGreek
NozzleIt is a small conical tool used to force out pulp into various shapes. They came in various shapes such as star, ribbed and plain ones.
Ombrebiancoglass of white wine
Ombrerossoglass of red wine
OrzoTiny melon seed-shaped pastaGreek
OssoBuccoknuckle of veal, sautéed and then stewed with garlic, onion and tomato
OuzoAnise flavoured colorless alcoholic drink.Greek
PaniyaramSweet or savoury mini cakes are made with rice flour and lentil. Cooked in a mould somewhat like a mini muffin trayIndia
PappadamFried disks made with black gram or rice flour that are served with mealsIndia
PareveIn Jewish dietary law, a food that contains neither meat nor dairy.
Paring knifeA paring knife is a small sharp knife with a short blade which is ideal for removing the skin of fruits and vegetables.
Parisienne scoopThe parisienne scoop also known as a melon baller is a tool that is used to scoop out uniform spheres of fruits, vegetables and icecreams.
Pasta FloraLattice-topped tart filled with apricot puréeGreek
PastitsioFlat pasta with ground meat, cheese, macaroni and is covered with béchamel sauce.Greek
PatatosalataPotato saladGreek
PayasamA sweet dish made with rice and/or lentils and milk that may be sweetened with sugar or jaggery.India
PhaanuIt is made from lentils. The lentils are soaked in water for about 4 to 6 hours before cooking and it is used making different types of lentils.Kumaon – India
PhoronTempering, which is used to flavor lentils. Different tempering are used for different lentils.
Piattomistoplate with a selection of hors d´oeuvres
PilafiRice boiled in broth and flavored with onion and spicesGreek
Pinot grigiodry white wine, goes well with Venetian cicheti and seafood
Pizza wheelA pizza wheel is a circular metal blade that has sharpened edges and is fitted to a handle.
Pizzaiolafresh tomato sauce flavoured with different herb-coarse consistency.
Polentacorn Meal Paste.
PolloSorpresabreast of chicken, filled with garlic butter, coated with breadcrumbs, rolled and deep-fried.
PoraVegetables are burnt over direct fire, mixed with oil and spices.
PoriyalDry sautéed vegetables, usually tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, split washed black gram dal and coconut.India
Pot holdersPot holders are made of cloth or silicone that are used to lift and handle hot pots, pans and dishes.
Potato peelerA potato peeler has a sharp blade that is serrated one one side and plain on the other. They are ideal for peeling the outer skin or peel of potatoes and other vegetables.
Primaveravegetable sauce prepared with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, peas and mushrooms - accompaniment for pasta.
Prosciuttopopular Italian Ham. First seasoned and salt-cured. Then it’s air-dried, pressed, and sold thinly sliced. Normally they are aged between 18 and 24 months
Proseccosparkling appetitive wine, comes in both dry or medium-sweet
Psomi Me RiganiOregano feta bread, cut into thick slices, brushed with olive oil and grilled.Greek
PulveriserHeavy duty electrical grinding machine with a very high speed of grinding and breaking down of ingredients to a fine paste/powder.
PuttuSteamed rice flour in a specially made cylindrical mouldIndia
RasamA broth made with tamarind juice, cumin and pepper. It is served with rice but can also be had on its ownIndia
RavaniSemolina cake, normally golden yellow in colour with a light sugar/honey or range-flavored syrup.Greek
RetsinaWhite or rose wine flavored with pine resinGreek
Risotto di pescerice with seafood
Risotto di seppierice with cuttlefish stewed in its ink, local favorite
RizogaloRice pudding with a dash of cinnamon on topGreek
Rolling pinA rolling pin is a long cylindrical device that is used for rolling out and flattening dough.
Rubber scraperMade of rubber, is used to scrape out or remove food from the sides of bowls, pans, jars, spoons etc.
RusThis dish is exclusive to this Kumaun region and is made with Dal stock. It is eaten along with rice.Kumaon – India
SabayonDessert made of whipped eggs, sugar and wine
SaganakiFried Kasseri cheeseGreek
Salpicona mixture of finely diced vegetables or meat
SaltimboccaLiterally " jump in the mouth" this term generally refers to folded over slice of meat filled with cheese and herbs or other meats that is quickly fried in a pan and eaten piping hot.
SaluteItalian toast
Sauce panA sauce pan is a deep pan which has a perfectly flat bottom, round base and straight sides. Used to heat sauces and cook food, such as rice, pasta and soups, on the cook top.
SautéLiterallymeans to "jump".
To toss the food while cooking in a pan.
SautéuseShallow pan with sloping sides
SautoirRound shallow heavy pan with straight walls & long handle
SavoiardiLady finger shaped cookies that are used as a base for several Italian desserts.
ScraperUsed to scrap food items off the table or vessel, also used to split bread and pasta dough.
Silicon scrapeMade of silicon, is used to scrape out or remove food from the sides of bowls, pans, jars, spoons etc.
SingalAnother sweet item which is made using semolina. It is a popular sweet and is usually made during festivals.Kumaon – India
SingodiSweet item made from a mixture of khoya and coconut. It is wrapped in a leaf from a local plant called Malu.Kumaon – India
SisunakSaagDish made from green leafy vegetables.Kumaon – India
SkewersSkewers are thin long pointed rods that are used to hold small pieces of food together. They are flat or square shaped so that the food does not spin. They may be straight or curved in shape. Available both in metal and woodthese are ideal for barbecues and tandoori dishes.
SkilletFlat bottomed frying pan that is used to fry foods or brown them.
Typically a skillet is about 8 to 12 inches in diameter with low sides that flare outside and a long handle.
SkordaliaGarlic sauceGreek
Slotted spoonsA slotted spoon is a spoon or ladle with holes or gaps in it. This is ideally used when a solid food has to be taken out of a container leaving the liquid or sauce behind.
SoffrittoMade from fried vegetables – base for soups.
SorbetFlavored Iced water, served between to large courses of meals.
Sous ChefSecond chef , next to the Executive chef in a hierarchy
SoutzoukakaiBeef meatballs baked in the ovenGreek
SouvlakiaSkewered foodGreek
SpanakopitaPhyllo pastries sheets stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, egg, onion, olive oil , butter and bread crumbsGreek
Steamer basketA steamer basket is used to steam cook food such as rice or fillet of fish.
Stracciatellaclear chicken soup.
StrainerStrainers are used to separate solid and liquid foods. The perforations on a strainer are much smaller in comparison to a colander. Usually strainers have a metal or plastic mesh in a crisscross pattern which retains finer food while draining the liquid.
StromboilA type of stuffed pizza in which the melted sauce filling flows from the dough similar to the flow of lava from the top of the Stomboil Volcano in Southern Italy.
SupremeBreast of chicken
TabboulehArabic salad composed of bulger wheat, parsley, mint, and lemon juice dressing.
TahiniCrushed sesame seed pasteGreek
TaramaFish roe from mulletGreek
TaramosalataFish roe spreadGreek
TaratourBread crumbs, garlic, oil and lemon sauce.
TerrineAn earthenware casserole
also used to refer a food item
ThattaiThese are deep fried disks of a rice flour-based doughIndia
ThechwaniMade from radish or potato. In this the vegetables are not cut but crushed into smaller pieces.Kumaon – India
Tiramisufavorite Italian dessert with cream, coffee and Amaretto
TiropitaFilo stuffed with layers of feta cheese and eggGreek
Tomatorizo Me GaridesKeorkosPrawns with tomato rice and saffron.Greek
TongsTongs are kitchen equipment that are used to lift or grasp hot foods and to rotate or turn food with delicate precision.
Tonnatocreamy tuna and anchovy sauce.
Tortonliqueur flavoured ice cream
Tournedosa small steak from the center of the tenderloin
TrahanaTomato based soup with tiny sour dough balls in itGreek
Trancherto carve or slice a food item
Trufflea black fungus which grows underground.
TurnerIt is a wooden or metal spatula that is used to turn or flip foods.
TyriaGreek cheesesGreek
TzatzikiDip made from yoghurt, cucumber and garlic and is served with pita bread.Greek
VadaDeep fried black gram lentil cakes.India
VaruvalA dry fried dish (chicken, fish or sautéed vegetables) with onions and spicesIndia
VelouteMother sauce
Blonde roux thickened white stock of chicken, fish, or veal.
Vol-au-ventPuff pastry in a shell in which prepared food items are served
Wire WhiskSeries of metal or stainless steel wires coiled and joined to a narrow long handle. They are used to beat egg whites into meringues and whip cream.
WokRound bottomed and has deep slanting sides.
Zabaionemarsala, sugar and egg, whisked into a creamy dessert
ZestThe outer rind of citrus fruit
ZesterA zester has a stainless steel rectangular head with five holes that are designed to remove fine shavings of citrus zest when dragged along the surface of the fruit.
Table 1
BaadiA form of bread made from Kwadakaatta (also known as Mandua flour and is black in color). It tastes best when served with Gahatkidal.s
Baccalà MantecataCreamed and dried cod with olive oil, parsley and garlic (a real favorite)
BaklavaLayers of phyllo pastry, chopped nuts, and a honey-flavored syrup
BalMithaiA brown coloured sweet made from khoya or condensed milk. It has a sticky texture and is covered entirely with sugar balls
Bamboo broomA short broom of bamboo sticks, tightly packed and tied.
Helps to scrape out food particles attached to a wok.
Bamboo steameMade of interlocking strips of bamboo with perforated bottoms that fit on top of one another. The whole basket is placed over a pot of simmering water where the steam rises through the perforations and cooks the food.
BatilgianAn Armenian word for eggplant
BerbereEthiopia's hot sauce
BhajaA coating of gram flour or besan applied to anything be it vegetable, fish or meat and deep fried in mustard oil.
BhapCooking using steam or simply the technique of steaming the food.
BhartaA method used to cook vegetables like potato, brinjal, pumpkin, beans by first boiling, mashing and later seasoning with spices and mustard oil.
BhunaA term used for grilling vegetables or meat, covered with whole spices, on high heat.
BologneseMeat sauce with tomatoes.
BourekakiaFilo puffs made with various fillings
Bread knifeA straight long and slender knife with a serrated blade, which ensures that the airiness in bread, cakes and sandwiches is retained while slicing.
BresaolaDried fillet of beef
BrodettoDelectable fish soup.
BulgerPar cooked wheat, dried and broken.
BabaA cake with a rich and light texture. Invented by a Polish King in 1704, named it after Ali Baba from “The Thousand and One Nights” after pouring rum on a dry yeast cake. Rose to popularity in Paris by the nineteenth century, commonly known as Baba. Made with flour, yeast, butter, and eggs in round moulds of different sizes, and soaked in rum or kirsch flavored syrup.
Baba Ghanoush(Arabic) Tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic puree mixed with a minced char-grilled eggplant
BabacoOriginated from Ecuador – an edible skin that turns to a golden yellow from green on ripening.
BacalhauA dish made from Salt Cod, home to Portuguese Culture.
BaconMeat taken from the back and sides of a pig, that is smoked and cured. The fat adds a sweet flavor and a tender crips, accounts to almost two-thirds of the total weight.
Bacalou (Spanish)Codfish, salted or otherwise.
Baghali PoloA rice dish consisting of Lamb and dill, seasoned with aromatic spices.
Bagna CaudaA bain-marie (ban mah- ree) is a large, shallow pan half-filled with hot water in which smaller pans containing food items which cannot be reheated on direct heat are put to keep hot until required. This may be heated through gas or electric power
Bain-MarieA double boiler, often used to keep smaller pans with food that cannot be reheated on direct heat to be kept warm until served.
BallotineA boneless leg of poultry that is stuffed.
BannocksLarge, round cakes or scones, made from oatmeal, wheat or barley. Origin – Scotland.
BanyulsRed, rose or white French; sweet, dessert wine.
BapsSoft cottish breakfast rolls made from flour, milk, sugar, yeast and butter.
BarbelCarp family river fish, named after its physical traits – fleshy filaments that hang from its mouth, resembling a barbel.
BarberryBerries from the berberis plant.
BardPlacing slices of bacon or pork over the breast of poultry, to sustain moisture and flavor while cooking.
Barm BrackAn everyday fruit loaf made with yeast. Irish tradition.
BarquettesOval or bat shaped french pastry shells, with choice of filling inside.
BarracoutaLarge salt water fish with rough scales.
BarsacA sweet white wine, made from a sub-are called Sauternes in Bordeaux.
BassFamily of fish, that are voracious sea and river fish, with fins that resemble spines.
BasteApplying fat to the meat in the over, thereby preventing over-dryness.
Bath BunsTraditionally originated in the English spa of bath from the 18 th centrury, these buns have an uneven shape topped with a lump of sugar.
Bath ChapSimilar to bacon, the lower half of a pig ’ s chap and commonly consumed cold.
Battenburg cakeA dual colored sponge cake in a checkerboard pattern, usually iced with almond paste.
BavaroisSoft egg custard combined with gelatin, flavoring and whip cream.
Balsam PearAlso known as bitter melon or bitter gourd, a fruit of a tropical climber found in African and Asian continents.
Barbados cherryAlso called Acerola or Puerto Rican Cherry. A fruit obtained from a small tree in the West Indies and adjacent areas. Rich in vitamin C.
Baking PowderPrimarily sodium bicarbonate, or sodium acid carbonate. The powder also contains an acid like salt crystals that dissolve in water.
BarleyHardy grain, used in cereals, breads, and soups.
Barbecue SauceSauces used to marinate or over grilled meat, commonly made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, mustard, brown sugar, vinegar and beer.
BaraccudaA type of fish with a rigid texture and moderate fat. Resembling a pike, with long pointy jaws and sharp teeth.
Baking SodaUsed in baking, and mixed with an acidic ingredient like yoghurt or molasses. An acid and base chemical reaction produces Carbon Dioxide as bubbles, making the dough rise.
Balsamic VinegarItalian vinegar derived from White Trebbiano grapes, after aging for several years.
BasilHerb used for seasoning with a pungent flavor.
BallotineA dish made by stuffing forcemeat into a boneless leg of poultry.
Bavarian CreamPastry cream made with whipped cream, and gelatin for stablization. Poured into molds, or as filling in baking.
BatterUsed as a coating for foods, a combination of flour, liquid and other ingredients.
BeechnutFruit of the beech tree, triangular in shape. Carries flavors crossing a hazelnut and a chestnut.
Beef TeaSlow simmering beef, thereby extracting an essence.
Bean CurdSoya beans that have been cooked, pureed and pressed; cut into 3 inch square cakes that are half an inch thick.
Bearnaise SauceClassic French sauce made with a reduction of vinegar, wine, tarragon and shallots and finished with egg yolks and butter.
Bechamel SauceLight white sauces. White sauce is a mixture of milk or cream with a white roux, for example.
Bean SproutsTender sprouts of germinated beans.
Bean ThreadsA variation of Chinese or Glass noodles. Translucent in nature, made from mung bean starch. Also known as Cellophane Noodles.
BeansSeeded pods of legumes.
BeetA firm, round-rooted vegetable with nutritious leafy greens.
Bell PepperShaped like a bell, a mild and sweet pepper. Crips and juicy in nature, found in yellow, green, red, orange, purple and brown colors.
Bear A large quadruped primarily found in the west, and the Artic. Bear meet is cooked similar to beef.
Beef tartareCoarsely ground beef that is seasoned. Commonly served with a raw egg placed on top with herbs.
Beef Meet from cows and bulls under two years old.
BeefaloA cross with the buffalo and cattle, with the beef strain being stronger. Comparitively leaner than beef and the dark red meat has a stronger flavor.
BeerwurstGerman cooked sausage with a garlic flavor.
Belly-FishLow fat salt water fish. Large in size, has a sweet, mild flavor similar to that of a lobster.
BenedictineVarious aromatics like fruit peels and herbs added to a cognac. Named after Benedictine monks who invented it in the 16 th Century.
BeerAn alcoholic beverage that is brewed from malted marley and cereals mixed with yeast. Hops are used as flavorings, retaining its low alcohoic content.
BEIJING BLAST (Chinese)A salt free mix of black and white sesame seeds, green and pink peppercorns; poppy seeds and hot chillies.
Beignets (French)Fritters
Beurre BlancA creamy emulsion made from butter flavoring as a butter sauce.
Beurre Manie"Kneaded butter." ; Mixing flour and butter in equal parts, commonly used to thicken gravies and sauces.
Beurre Noisette"Hazelnut butter" or "brown butter." Whole butter that has been heated until browned.
Belle HeleneDessert made from ice cream, chocolate sauce and poached pear. Also a term for garnishing grilled meat in French cookery.
Bisbalenc (Spanish)Puff pastry shaped like a barrel, with a sweet zucchini filling topped with pine nuts.
Bikini (Spanish)A kind of toasted ham and cheese sandwich.
BisqueA thick cream soup or puree made from shellfish.
Bitter MelonA fruit of a tropical climber found in African and Asian continents. It is similar to a cucumber and is used as a vegetable. Also called "Balsam pear" or "bitter gourd."
Bib LettuceButter head lettuce, having loose white-green leaves; with a mild flavor.
Birds Nest (Chinese)Literally a Bird’s nest, made of regorged spittle of a certain breed of swallow.
Black Bun (Scottish)Fruit cake with raisins, currants, finely chopped peel, almonds, ginger and brown sugar, with cinnamon added to it.
Black WalnutA highly fat walnut black in colour
BlackberryLargest of wild berries, up to one inch long when fully mature.
BlueberryBlue-black berries, smooth skinned and round. Juicy and sweet in taste.
Black BeansAlso known as turtle beans, cream colored sweet flesh with black skin.
Black RaddishBlack coloured radish from the plants grown chiefly for their pungent peppery root.
Black SalsifyPopularly known as Scorzonera, a black skinned version of salsify. Most commonly greyish or a pale gold in color.
Black Turtle BeansAlso known as "turtle beans," cream colored sweet flesh with black skin. Its sweet flavor forms the base for black bean soup.
Black-Eyed PeansBeige colored beans with a round black ‘ eye ’ located along the inner curve.
BlanchTo dip food temporarily in boiling water, and then to cold to halt the cooking process.
BlanquetteWhite stew Ragout made from lamb, veal, or chicken with a rich veloute sauce.
BleachWhitening through chemicals or sun's rays.
BlintzA thin pancake, resembling a crepe. Rolled up add fillings of sweet or savory tastes; commonly ricotta, fruits or meat.
Black PuddingCommonly known as ‘ blood sausage ’ . Cooked links of large sausage, primarily made of pig ’ s blood, suet, oatmeal and/or bread crumbs.
Black CodSaltwater fish with high fat and a mild flavor. Not a true cod.
BlackfishA lean, delicately flavoured sea fish.
Blood SausageAlso known as "blood pudding". Cooked links of large sausage, primarily made of pig ’ s blood, suet, oatmeal and/or bread crumbs. It is generally sold precooked.
Blue CrabCrab with blue claws and a dark blue-green shell.
Bluefin TunaOne of the largest varieties of tuna, weighing over a thousand pounds. Flesh turns to dark red with a stronger flavor on ageing.
BluefishA fine textured fish that is fatty. Also known as ‘ bulldog of the ocean ’ .
BluegillNorth American freshwater fish. Famous for their bright colors, related to the perch family.
Bloody MaryA cocktail drink containing vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tobasco, along with Pepper and V8, with tomato or cocktail juice.
Blanco/WhiteClassic light wine, with shades turning from yellow to gree or golden hues.
Blendto mix thoroughly, with speed or tools not of essence.
BlackjackSlang for gravy browning, often made by caramelizing sugar.
BloaterSalted and lightly smoked herring.
Blue PointSmall-size oyster.
Black Bottom PieA pie with a filling of dark chocolate custard, and a meringue vanilla rum flavored custard layer; topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
Black Forest CakeA three layer genoise sponge cake, soaked with Kirsch; filled with whipped cream and cherries.
Bottle GourdHard-shelled gourd, also known as "white-flowered gourd" and "Calabash gourd."
BoucheesA smaller rendition of Vol-au-vent case pastries.
Boudin NoirBlood sausage, or black pudding
BouillabaisseA French fish stew.
Bouquet Garnia mixture of bay leaves, celery, parsley and thyme, used as a flavoring aid to any cooking liqeur.
BourgeoiseMeats served with vegetables
BoysenberryA cross between a raspberry, blackberry, and a loganberry. Shaped like a large raspberry, with a rich sweet-tart flavour.
BolognaiseUsed to term various dished originated from the Bologna region of Italy. Bolognaise sauce is a thick tomato base sauce with various vegetables and meat.
Bok ChoyThick veined, crinkly leaves that are thin and delicately mild.
BombeAn ice cream dessert comprising of various kinds of ice cream or sherbet, made to freeze in a bomb shaped mould.
Bonne FemmeDishes made to a simple home or family style.
BorecoleAlso called Kale, this is a member of the cabbage family.
BorschtBeet soup, commonly known as borsch. Made with beets, vegetables and meats.
BobwhiteFrom the partridge family, a small game bird. Resembles a small, plump chicken in appearance. White, delicate flesh.
BockwurstGround veal sausage seasoned with minced parsley and chives. German origin.
Bologna Intensely seasoned sausage named after the Italian city of Bologna. Also called baloney.
BonitoA variety of tuna, the smallest in its kind. Moderately fatty, occasionally weighing upwards of 25 pounds. Most flavorful of the tunas.
BorageHerb that has a flavour closely similar to that of a cucumber. Both the flowers and leaves can be used in salads. The leaves are also used to flavour teas and vegetables.
BouillonLiquor primarily used to cook meat, chicken or fish, with mirepoix or aromatic herbs kept on simmer.
BourbonNamed after the Bourbon county in Kentucky. Distilled from a mash of a minimum of 51% corn.
Borsch (Russian)Beet soup, commonly known as borscht. Made with beets, vegetables and meats.
BourikasSavory pastries, made of Freek filo pastry rolls, made of Greek filo pastry rolls.
Bocconcini (Italy)Means ‘ a mouthful ’ . Small nuggets of mozzarella.
Bouquet garniA bunch of herbs that are tied together, used to enhance the flavor of soups or stews.
Boston lettuce:commonly known as butter lettuce. Loosely fit leaves make the head with a sweet, light flavor with a fragile texture.
BoletusWild mushrooms, commonly known for their fine taste and meaty texture.
Bollito MistoVarious cuts of meat added to an Italian stew. Most commonly consisting of zampone, boiled in a broth rich with vegetables.
BoudinSausages of two types that are smooth in texture; Blanc and Noir. Blanc is made of veal, pork and chicken, whereas Noir is made with blood and rice, or potatoes.
BouillabaisseOriginated from Souther France, a rich fish stew.
BourrideFish stew originated from southern France. The broth, consists of large pieces of poached fish, strained and thickened. Served in shallow bowls with bread or croutons.
BraisiereBraising pan.
Brandada (Spanish)technique of cod preparing cod with garlic and olive oil.
Brazil nutFound in a giant tree in the Amazon jungle as a seed. Has a white, rich kernel high in fat. Commonly known as butternut, cream nut or paranut.
BrambleAlso known as blueberry, the largest of wild berries.
BreadfruitA fruit that is up to five inches in radius. Bumpy green skin with a bland cream-colored nucleus.
Breadnut Tree SeedsMulberry tree seeds, grown in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. Boiled, ground into flour and made as bread.
BranThe outer shell of grains like wheat or oats. Good source of carbs, calcium and fiber, phosphorus.
Brown RiceWhole rice grains sans inedible husk.
Broad BeanFava bean, or horse bean. Looks like a larger lima bean.
BroccoliResembles a cauliflower, with deep greens. Comes in tight bunches of small buds on edible stems.
BrochetteCubes of meat broiled and served on skewer.
Brussels sproutsA mini cabbage.
BratwurstPork and veal seasoned with ginger nutmeg and coriander, made into a German sausage.
BraunschweigerA German liver sausage that is smoked, with eggs and milk added.
BrandyFermented fruit juice aged in oaks, distilled into liquor.
BrutChampagnes that are ‘ extra dry ’
Brodetto (Italy)Originated from Italy ’ s Adriatic coast, a fish soup.
BraiseA method of cooking wherein meat or vegetables are first sauteed in fat or oil, and then kept in a covered pot to simmer with a small amount of cooking liquid for long periods of time.
BreadStaple, made from a dough made of flour, water and dough; fermented, knead, and baked in the oven.
BriocheYeast bun shaped like a small cottage load, in a charlotte mould as breakfast rolls.
BrissoletteBread crouton hollowed out, and filled with various salpicon.
BrandadeSalt cod, olive oil and potatoes; pureed.
BresaolaItaly's cured and dried beef filet, with more delicate texture and stronger flavor than prosciutto.
BrunoiseA fine dice applied to vegetables.
Brandy SnapTube like baked casings made with flavours like brandy, molasses and spices and filled with various creams.
BrestoisCakes of genoise sponge mixed with almonds, lemon and orange zest baked in a brioche mould filled with apricot jelly, coated with apricot glaze    and roasted flaked almonds.
BriouatCylinders of deep fried or baked Phyllo pastry filled with a mixture of ground almonds , cinnamon, sugar, butter and orange flower water. Immerse in warm honey before serving.Brownie:    Majorly of chocolate or butterscotch flavour (sometimes with nuts), this is a dense square of baked dessert.
Brown BettyAn apple or any fruit compote topped with bread crumbs, brown sugar and cinnamon.
Brune KagerCookies flavored with cinnamon ginger, lemon, cloves, corn syrup, and decorated with almonds.

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