All about Sea Food – What to eat and when?

follow link Sea Food is most popular all over the world not only for its health benefits but also for its lingering taste. Sea food is one of the major sources of high-quality protein.

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rencontres cevenoles Consumption of Sea food was started approximately about 40000 years ago from the Paleolithic period. Proofs of fish consumption by early men have been found from time to time. The methods adopted by Egyptians in early times are illustrated in early documents and tomb scenes. The price lists obtained from a stele of late 3rd century B.C from the Boeotican city of Akraiphia also show the presence of sea food culture of that period.

singles meldorf Health benefits The good thing about sea food is that it provides a cocktail of taste and health benefits. Doctors have found a strong connection between the consumption of sea food and a healthy heart in the fish eating Inuit populations in the Arctic. Many studies have suggested the inclusion of fish and other sea food at least twice a week to reduce incidences of heart attacks by reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood.

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here The world of sea food is a vast one. Starting from fishes, small creatures to some aquatic plants, sea food are in demand these days. Invertebrates like shrimps, prawns, crabs, lobsters, krill etc are consumed all over the world. Aquatic reptiles such as turtles and their eggs are known for their exotic taste. However, in recent years, overfishing has dragged this species in the endangered zone. Some other creatures like jelly fish, squirts, sea frogs, echinoderms etc have also got wide spread recognition.

regaloptions de Health hazards Though consumption of fish can supply you protein; in some cases, such foods may have adverse consequences. Fishes like albacore tuna, shark, sword fish, tile fish contain a large amount of mercury in them which can result in Minamata disease which was first seen in Japan. Also, the canned sea foods which are distributed throughout the world can sometimes give rise to fatal diseases due to contamination and by bacterial attacks.

Three important sea foods to be included in your diet to remain healthy

follow link 1) Flounder- very less fat and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein.

2) Shell-fish- high protein and potassium content.

costo voltaren emulgel bambini 3) Salmon- One of the healthiest and most nutritious fish to buy. It contains high protein and vitamin B12 and B6.

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