Mahindra Holidays - Sous Chef Live Program by Chef P Soundararajan

Why Sous Chef Live program?

Preparing chefs to manage the future of the culinary management
Cutting edge technology for the culinary trends 2015 and beyond
It is not just training but mentoring to develop  competent  chefs
These chefs also work with Mahindra holidays after the program or migrate to other companies.
There is no restriction
This is a program contributed to the development of culinary profession in the country

Sous Chef Live program – FAQ

Mahindra Holidays is renowned for its impeccable hospitality and service.

That is why we aim to develop culinary leaders who will take it to the next level in the coming decades and beyond.

Through the Sous Chef Live program we wish to invite candidates who have a passion for cooking and share our drive and enthusiasm.

The program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that offers the fastest way to excellence and culinary greatness.

The program gives a well-defined career path to professionals trained in the culinary arts.

It is designed to give candidates an edge by training them to meet existing global standards of culinary excellence.

And the best part is that it gives aspiring chefs an express pass to achieve their goal. The program also gives a good exposure on various cuisine and also bridge the gap and understand.

Not only the chefs are trained in various Departments and 20 various cuisine  across our country they also nominated for the specialized National and international culinary competitions, seminars and programs.


After extensive training and experience given to them during the course, the best candidates chosen out of the program will be posted in different Mahindra Holiday resorts.

Mahindra Holiday ranges from 3 Star to 5 Star resorts spread across the country including many incredible tourist destinations.

They also get an opportunity to manage the food production departments of smaller resorts during their course of training


The Sous Chef program will be a two years course where 10 Sous Chef Trainees will be selected. The chosen chefs will be taken under the wing of course mentor and the renowned Dr. Chef Soundararajan and his team of Master Chefs
The Sous Chef Live Program is unique in its nature and structure. It provides talent from within the industry an opportunity to get ahead and shine. And it is ensured by high-quality training, excellent opportunities for training and employment.

A special Emphasize to culinary management and finer cuisine, theme development and food presentation techniques

The course faculty and visiting chefs will train the candidates in international cuisines and flavours from across India while focusing on the local cuisine of the resorts they are assigned to for training.

And with numerous resorts located across the country the students will receive extensive exposure in all types of cuisines.

To ensure that our selected candidates are given the best training to perform to global expectations, they are subject to a structured program which will give them an edge over competitors.

The course ensures culinary leadership through Classic and Contemporary Culinary Techniques, Knowledge of Global Food Menus, Presentation of Culinary Arts, Knowledge of International Cuisines, Effective Culinary Communication and Production Management.

We maintain high quality standards and our chefs at Mahindra Holidays are the very best from the field.

A three year degree/diploma from a reputed institute combined with two years of work experience from a reputed hospitality organization is all that is needed to be eligible to be a part of this once in a life time opportunity.

To maintain our high standards of performance, we conduct a rigorous selection process so that we can recruit only the very best from the field of culinary arts. Initially, an application along with an essay explaining why the applicant wants to be a Sous Chef will be screened.

If selected, the applicants will go through a preliminary interview and an objective test. Next round will involve a subjective test, a power point presentation and the best challenge of all, a food trial where the selected candidates cook up their best flavors, followed by the final interview.

Assessments are conducted all throughout the program to ensure result oriented  high standards of performance. Candidates will be assessed after one particular assignment/project as per schedule.

Departmental evaluations and other periodic evaluations throughout the year will be conducted before the final evaluation where the trainee’s development in the entire program is assessed

The candidates will be enrolled in the WACS accredited global Sous Chef Certification Program which the company is in the process of enrolling and will receive certification for Advanced Training in Culinary Management.


Once candidates are selected to a part of this prestigious program, we ensure that all their needs are taken care of.

Apart from accommodation and food, Laptops, internet access, library memberships, books and tabloids, and newspapers will be given to help with assignments and projects as a part of the program.

Uniforms and necessary equipments and tools will also be given. They will also have access to F&B knowledge bank through intranet of the company

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